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Columbus Airplane Vs. Caad4-5(5 posts)

Columbus Airplane Vs. Caad4-5nestorl
Sep 15, 2001 7:44 PM
Hello. Anyone with opinions about how Airplane frames (such as those used by Marins, entry-level colano, and scattante airplane) compare to CDale CAAD4 or 5 frames? Any thoughts would be appreciated..feel, durability, harshness on flats, price/value, weight, etc. Thanks. Nestor
re: Columbus Airplane Vs. Caad4- I have bothHighgear
Sep 16, 2001 3:50 PM
I have both, my Cyfac with that is not totally Airplane because of the carbon seat stays and a CAAD 4. I can flex the Airplane tubed bike in the BB a little and not the Cannondale. The Airplane is a little smoother on rough roads but not by much. I actually think the carbon seat stays stiffen the ride some. On the other hand, I ride a big frame (63 C'dale) so you might not have a problem with flex but you could with harshness. Hope this helped. HG
re: Columbus Airplane Vs. Caad4- I have bothnestorl
Sep 16, 2001 5:56 PM
Thanks. I am about to get a new frame and I am debating between supergo scattante Airplane and GVHbikes caad4? very similar price. I ride a caad2 right now so I am used to the cdales but wanted to try something different. I ride a very small frame (48cm)so flex may not be a big issue. The scattante airplane also has the carbon seat stays, carbon seat post, and fork. I guess anothe big difference is that the scattante comes with the Columbus carve carbon fork and integrated head set. I guess people have strong feelings (on both sides) about the integrated headset.
What is your take about my dilema? Is there anything else in the 600-800 price range that I should consider? I am looking for a light yet forgiving ride and hate steel. any thoughts? Thanks. Nestor
You picked the first two that come to mind.Highgear
Sep 17, 2001 1:26 AM
I think some of the Quattro Aussi's are going for a good deal at the moment too. I'll check on the price with my friend that just got one from his team. I'll post back tonight.
Didn't get to talk to him yet but will try to post Tues. NMHighgear
Sep 17, 2001 5:19 PM