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What would you buy and why?(7 posts)

What would you buy and why?steve22
Sep 13, 2001 1:42 PM
Ok, Im a MTB convert and am looking to buy my first road bike. I've got 2k budgeted for bike and pedals. I havent ridden anything yet (friday), but really like the 2002 Lemond BA (alot like the 2001 zurich) the Klein Quantum and want to try a trek 5200 but kinda above budget. What am I overlooking? What do y'all suggest. thanks.
re: What would you buy and why?Cliff Oates
Sep 13, 2001 1:46 PM
Bianchi and Marin come immediately to mind in terms of prebuilt bikes. You could poke around on GVHBikes to see what he has to offer. If you figure an Ultegra or Daytona bike kit is around $1000, then add the $1000 frame of your choice to the mix and you have a nice $2k bike.
First of all, get a fitting done...Cima
Sep 13, 2001 2:00 PM
Once you know what you needs are for frame size, you can narrow down your choices greatly. Pay the $75 or so to get a fit done by a reputable shop on a Serotta Size Cycle.

GVH is one of the best options for hand made, well built frames, and Gary has a great reputation. I'd buy one of his bikes long before I'd buy a Lemond or a Trek.

Many people have positive feedback on Klein, but once again, if the fit is not correct, you'll never be comfortable on the ride, and you will hate it.

Check out AirborneLWL
Sep 13, 2001 2:40 PM
I have had mine for over 2 years and I was a mtb rider all the way. I rode a bunch of bikes and decided on the Trek or the Klein. Then I saw the Zeppelin and put a bike together on the web site. I custum picked all the parts, down to the tubes. The Dura Ace bike was less than the Ultegra Trek, Klein, with the Icon parts I did not want and the Rolf wheels I also did not want.
With Airborne you can even mix Shimano, (or Campy) parts, you can buy 105 brakes and crank and put on Ultegra or Dura Ace shifters, so you can get the best bang for the buck.
The ride is great, better than the Trek or Klein.
The only problem with Airborne is that a few people bash them becouse the frame is welded in China.
I am very, very happy with my Airborne and I now ride my road bike more than my MTB.
Ditto on the fitting.....Len J
Sep 13, 2001 3:01 PM
Once you know sizing, then ride and see what speaks to you.
Lots of great bikes around that price range.js5280
Sep 13, 2001 3:35 PM
Lots of great bikes around that price range. Got to second the Airborne (, great bike, great value, titanium ride, get exactly what you want vs. what the mfg. spec'd. I'm more than happy with the ride and quality. Looks like your not set on frame material yet, you might want to search the archives here to learn about the pros and cons of each. At that range you can probably find all but carbon fiber I'd imagine (fiber people speak up if this is not the case)

Here's are some of my runners-up. Jamis Eclipse- excellent spec including Kysirum Wheels, LeMond Zurich, upper end Bianchi (not sure their model names for 2002). Colorado Cyclist carries some good options, including Douglas which is Ti. Macalu and Sampson are other possibilities to satisfy Ti lust around that price. Wrenchscience has a good build your own bike web site with some other smaller builders (e.g. Dean).

Rule 1 is find something that fits, Rule 2 find something you'll enjoy riding. After that, it's up to you to figure out if care more about value, style, individuality, component preference, frame material, ride quality, range of riding (e.g. cyclocross), maintainence requirements, type of riding (distance/sprint/climbing) etc. Sounds like you're looking at good quality bikes so you're in the right ballpark. Check out all your local bike stores and online too. Have fun!
funny you should askjacu
Sep 13, 2001 7:38 PM
I was pondering this very same dilemma just yesterday. Here's what I came up with (and what i will be doing if only I can convince my wife).

Steelman Eurocross 595 frame/fork
Ultegra Cyclocross kit from Excel Sports (with upgrade Dura Ace STI)
Speedplay Frog pedals

Should be right at $2000

The perfect do it all bike, especially for someone coming off a mountain bike. With true cross tires, you can do fast dirt road rides and easy singletrack. With slick road tires you won't lose much of anything to the pure road bikes you mention.

And, Steelman makes great frames and forks. Excellent quality, very reputable, easy to deal with. A quite a lot more unique than the Trek-Klein-Lemond's you're looking at (which, I must admit, are good bikes in and of themselves).