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Justice vs. Vengeance(5 posts)

Justice vs. VengeanceTylerman
Sep 13, 2001 12:02 PM
In My Humble Opinion...
I normally try not to include myself in political/spiritual debates, not because I consider myself better or smarter than anyone but I have simply been worn out and frustrated by individuals (none present) who refuse to see things from any POV other than their own. However I will say this; if a nation, political group or faction has decided that the U.S. has wronged them, through involvement in military or other matters, has caused them greivious harm by exerting our power and influence to uphold human rights as our culture sees them, or has in any other fashion placed them in a position where their only defense is a physical one, then why has that nation, political group or faction stepped forward into the world arena and made clear their position? If our power and influence has done them wrong so to speak, why seek retribution from innocent people just going to work? Whether or not we brought this on ourselves does not justify murdering thousands of helpless people then hiding out and refusing to stand up for the cause that led them to such destruction. The old proverb reads "Only an eye for an eye, Only a tooth for a tooth." I see no need to bomb any entire nation into a parking lot if those who are responsible are brave enough to stand behind their actions. America deserves, whether we are right or wrong, guilty or innocent (and only a fool really believes that their government is ever completely innocent) the right to have their accusers stand before them and face what retribution is deemed appropriate. That is a basic tenet of the laws of our society,

Lest anyone think I am a either Republican or Democrat, let me say that I personally regret having cast my vote for my former Govenor last fall, given his performance in recent days towards these events. Even so I doubt that either of the candidates would have been strong enough to deliver to the American people what needs to be done. That's obviously academic now... But it would be a shame if this turns into another TWA 800 or any of the numerous "terrorist" attacks which lead to suspicions but no real definable conclusion. I find it interesting that every time a journalist (Peter Jennings kicks A$$!) asks a security agent, FBI, CIA or otherwise, about their failures to bring justice to many of their cases, the agent is typically quick to point out how they are pursuing suspects in most of those cases. Empty rhetoric, remember that they wouldn't have caught Tim Mcveigh if he had bothered to put a license plate on his car whie driving down the highway.

So I'm kind of all over the place, but I will say this, the capture and trial of one man or one group of men will not put to level the scale of justice in this case. We need to force these enemies to put down their sabers with such strength that the next ones who come along will tremble before taking them up again.

God Bless America!

Since this is a cycling forum, I just bought and installed my first set of clipless pedals and I must say that I was truly suprised that everything I heard about them was true in terms of their superiority to traditional pedals. Nothing like a new toy...
ditto on the clipless pedals! (nm)Dog
Sep 13, 2001 12:06 PM
This will never endPATRIOT
Sep 13, 2001 12:46 PM
It is unfortunate that we, the USA are put into this situation. We have no choice but to realiate and do our best to destroy those responsible. However, these terrorists are like weeds and will eventually grow and be stronger down the road.
Anything short of a Hiroshima/Nagasaki will prove futile ultimately. This needs to be a war that may be viewed as one just short of WWIII. It won't be considered WWIII because nuclear weapons will not be needed, but once the Arab nations acquire these weapons, it could mean the end of the world as we know it as they are so fanatical.
However, I know this may not be politically correct and I am not an antisemite in the least, but as long as we are seen as staunch supporters of Isreal, we we always be targets of terrroism. The Isrealies are just as fanatical as the Arabs when it comes to the religious significance of the land they occupy right in the middle of a geographic area where EVERYONE around them hates them. Isreal is predictably calling for immediate action on the part of the USA as is serves their best interests. This retaliation has to be in our best interest and no one elses, but Isreal will benefit form our hardship and ultimate retaliation.
We need to strike back hard, but in the name of America. Once this is done, we need to stop giving aide to Arab nations and begin to distance ourselves from Isreal. Muslum fundamentalists hate the USA for what we stand for, I agree, but at the core of this is their perception of our unconditional support of Isreal against the Palestinian plight.
Mark my words, it may not be in our lifetime, but the religious fanaticism of those on both sides will eventually cause mass destruction. I am an athiest for a reason as more people have died in the name of God and these people are set on playing out their prophecies. The Muslums and Jews of Isreal are guilty of this.
As I am writing this Tom Brochaw is interviewing ex Prime Minister B, Netinyahu who is using "provacative statements" as Tom Brochaw described them. Of course Isreal is calling for us to destroy Bin Laden, but hinted at the need to wipe out all enimies. This would mean quite literally starting a war with many countries of the middle east. Netinyahu is clearly trying to use fear on television right now as I type to say that the Muslums are a danger to our existence once they acquire nuclear weapons. I agree with him, but I also feel that there could be some future agreement to coexist separately, but not as long as Isreal continues to exist in that region of the world.
I think the Jews should leave Isreal and allow the Arabs to kill each other. I know this won't happen, but the Jews continued occupation of Isreal is like a KKK Grand Wizard moving to Harlem and expecting the police to protect them.
My opinion basically is that all the religious fanatics including the ones in this country are crazy and perpetuate hate, prejudice and violence in this world. America needs to take care of this now and then retract and concentrate on securing our future in the world.
By the way, my best friend was 1 floor away from the first hit (opposite side thank goodness) of the World Trade Center and saw the flames from the initial explosion shoot down the corridor on his floor. Fortunately, he was able to escape, but those above him make up the majority of casualties. I am aa New Yorker who watched the erecting of these buildings it defy's logic that they cease to exist. The human loss is irreplaceable, but the change is the skyline will be a lasting reminder of what a terrrible and evil thing religion can be as they were brought down in the name of a God. Maybe not your God, but one nonetheless.
While I do not question your patriotism or your goodbill
Sep 13, 2001 1:16 PM
intentions, your interpretation of the Middle East conflict is both bathed in generalities too broad to be meaningful and, in part, plain wrong. Our support of Israel is neither unequivocal nor unique to the region (we support Arab countries, as well), and there is or was a plurality, as much as a majority, of Israelis that was, not so long ago, ready to accede to the Palestinians almost everything they wanted. There may be reasons why some Arabs hate us so much, and I wouldn't say that these reasons are fully irrelevant, but they are secondary to the religious zeal which decrees that Israel's very existence is incompatible with Islam. Israel not only has no parallel belief with respect to Islam (to be distinguished from the belief, hardened recently, of many Jews who do not think that peace is possible in the face of Islamic zeal however much they themselves may want it), but we can't and won't bow to that hatred and intolerance, regardless.
Agree 100% - Nothing like a new toy !! nmdavidl
Sep 13, 2001 2:12 PM