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Shimano Shifter Problems(5 posts)

Shimano Shifter ProblemsStarting To Hate Shimano
Sep 13, 2001 5:48 AM
I had a set of Ultegra shifters go bad after only 6 months of use. I just read the reviews on Ultegra shifters on this site and realized others have had the exact same problem.

Who else has had this happen? Do they typically repair the bad shifter or replace the set? I went ahead and bought another set to avoid being unable to ride for 3 weeks or however long it takes them to fix/replace the bad shifter.

I was going to e-mail Shimano and express my concern, but I can't even find an e-mail address on their website. Go figure.
I've had to do it twice now.MB1
Sep 13, 2001 5:54 AM
Fortunatly I have enough bikes and stuff around that it doesn't shut me down. Obviously this is a big Shimano problem that they seem to be keeping fairly quiet about. Bike shops must know about it though, I have had no problems getting very quick warranty service for replacements.

Not going to have this problem on my singlespeeders.
re: Shimano Shifter Problemsslbenz
Sep 13, 2001 6:24 AM
I've had my left shifter fail on me after one year of use. Brought the bike into my local bike shop where they were able to warranty the part and have my bike back to me in one week. From my experience, only the defective part will be replaced. Ultegra parts have a two year warranty from Shimano. Hope this helps.
re: Shimano Shifter ProblemsLLSmith
Sep 13, 2001 6:30 AM
Let me try this again. My rear shifter lasted about 8 months. My lbs fixed n/c in about 10 days. I asked them if I could upgrade to dura ace, but they had already ordrerd the new shifter from Trek. suggest you try to pay the difference and upgrade to dura ace.
re: Shimano Shifter ProblemsKevin Lee Lipppert
Sep 13, 2001 7:15 AM
I had the same problem with Dura Ace. I was told that the problem was from the flight deck ready shifters. This happens when you don't have the little cable from the flight deck computer in the shifters. The shifters mash some little part in there and the shifter breaks. I have Dura Ace non-flight deck shifters that are 3 years old and still work great. I had great warranty work from Shimano when my flight deck broke. They are standing by their products. Hope this helps.

Kevin Lee Lippert
Professional Coach and Personal Trainer