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Ride for recovery... more help, ideas, logistics(2 posts)

Ride for recovery... more help, ideas, logisticsmr tornado head
Sep 13, 2001 2:49 AM
First off, thanks to those who replied. It's good to know I'm not always way off in la-la land.

Now, the logistics of pulling this off. Having never organized a ride before I'm sure mkes it a bit of a handicap. Yeah, once somewhat together I'd love to do a full-on media blitz. But it's getting there. Fully supported ride? If so, how do i accomplish it on a national scale? Sure can't expect everyone to come here (Central/south-East ohio). OR, so I try a local, non-supported ride for a very minimal donation? Should we bother with T-shirts, especially to get this together on such a short notice? OR, do I just say mail your donations and go ride your favorite ride in rememberance? In which it'd be the easiest option but not really much more than any one would do on thier own, anyway.

A fuly organized ride would take some tome to pull together and it seems that the rescue and relief efforts need resources immediately.

Well, thanks again for all your ideas.
re: Ride for recovery... more help, ideas, logisticsmlbd
Sep 13, 2001 4:59 AM
i have next to no experience organizing rides, but am aware of the logistic load involved. organizing one for this year to help with the immediate relief seems a daunting task. perhaps we should all donate our time/money through already established channels (red cross, churches etc.)

BUT, doing a charity/remembrance ride in NY and DC (and perhaps PA) next year on Sept. 11 might be a nice idea. I'm sure there will be foundations for the victims of both attacks up and running by then, and the rides could benefit those foundations. i'm sure symbolic courses could be designed for the rides and the donations could be done similar to the AIDS rides (ie, every rider has to raise a certain amount to ride) or whatever. it could even be a symbolic multi day tour from Boston to Washington. just throwing out an idea.

what do you all think?