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Score one for us. (long, but worth it)(2 posts)

Score one for us. (long, but worth it)speed-chump
Sep 12, 2001 3:38 PM
Hello all. Had to relate this story.

I was finishing up my ride this afternoon, exiting a local park and heading home. Three young punks heading toward me swerved at me with the fingers, horn, and mouths going. Right as they passed, I turned around to follow and get their licence #. They floored it and I sprinted. They got caught behind another car and I was able to memorize their plate. I continued on behind them, to go out throught the other park exit. The guys in the car saw (apparently) some of their friends parked and were emboldened. They pulled in next to their friends and jumped out yelling and cussing... you know the drill. There were 5 of them and one of me, so I flipped them off and pressed on. They jumped back in the car and started chasing me. Swerving at me, throwing stuff, spitting, leaning out and hitting me etc. etc. They finally gave up and drove away. I made it home and reported their asses to the cops.

I was getting into the shower when I realized - "I bet anything they're going back to the park." I got a hammer and got in my truck to go see. Sure enough, they were there. I got out of my truck (hammer in hand, just in case) and yelled real loud "Hi Boys! Remember me?" At first they didn't cuz I wasn't all geared up anymore, but then I said, "Well, I just got done reporting you guys to the cops. You know that car has a licence plate on it, don't you?" I was waving my cell phone as I said it. You should have seen their faces! They just sh*t all over themselves. It was the best thing in the world. I told them that more than likely the cops wouldn't do anything more than holler at them and their parents, but if I saw it happen again, I'd press charges on their asses. I got back in my truck, backed out, honked the horn, and waved at them cheerfully before pulling off.

Thanks for listening. Every once and a while, we win.

Ride long and prosper.

Zachary Broussard
You go boy!jtolleson
Sep 12, 2001 6:09 PM
Hope the cops responded the way they should have. Let us know how it turns out.