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NYC posters: let us know how you're doing(6 posts)

NYC posters: let us know how you're doingbianchi boy
Sep 12, 2001 4:24 AM
ET and boy nigel live in New York City, I believe, and I am sure there are others. Post a message and let us know you're OK. We're thinking of you and hope you're doing fine.
re: NYC posters: let us know how you're doingmoejoe100
Sep 12, 2001 6:05 AM
Many businesses are closed in NYC.
Mass transit and the subways are empty.
There is very little traffic. It is quieter than early sunday morning.
I only saw a handful of cyclists in Central Park yesterday.
A sincere thankssidley
Sep 12, 2001 7:01 AM
The City is shut down today, so a lot of people can't get to work. Also, a lot of people left town to stay with friends. I am sure the others will check in as the days pass.

If you have ever been to Manhattan, you know what an overbearing presence the towers had over this little island. They are visible throughout the City and many of us could not escape the horrible images that unfolded yesterday.

As the shock wears off, I think our emotions will set upon us. The reality of our friends' stories will sink in but moreso, the silence of those who are no longer with us will cause unbearable pain.

So, thanks, man. We are counting on your support and it really means a lot to know you are thinking about us.

Bianchi Boy, I am still riding that 55 cm EV2 that is too small for me.
It's not exactly the same thing but ...bianchi boy
Sep 12, 2001 8:17 AM
Raleigh was ground-zero for Hurricane Fran five years ago and I remember very vividly what we went through during the storm and afterwards. Although we didn't experience the terrible loss of life as in NYC, there was incredible physical destruction all over the city. Many people were without power for weeks, thousands of homes were damaged, trees were downed everywhere, and roads blocked. A similar situation occurred just to the east of us with Hurricane Floyd, only most of the damage associated with that was due to the incredible flooding. Events like this are difficult to deal with but they help keep your priorities straight.

I'm glad to know you guys came through OK, and it looks from the post above that ET made it through as well.
re: It was a nightmare!!Steve A
Sep 12, 2001 8:26 AM
My office is about 16 blocks north, and you can see the WTC from my Street, This AM (Wed) there was shoes in the street, from people running north, today all the streets and bridges are closed . I did try and drive in this AM but was turned away. On the way home, north of the city all you saw was fire trucks and rescue trucks from all over the North East heading toward the city. There are cops at every entrance and exit onn the thruway looking in your car? And also have seen convoys of Army trucks going into the city. My Co. does alot of work with the city and do weekly trips to the WTC, It's a bad dream, still
ET lives in Baltimore (nm)Howard
Sep 12, 2001 9:35 AM