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hotspots...pedals, shoes or both the problem?(2 posts)

hotspots...pedals, shoes or both the problem?Floyd
Sep 11, 2001 5:12 PM
I get terrible hotspots especially on my right foot when riding. They start within 20 minutes of the ride. I have Carnac Comet shoes and they fit great. I have lots of room in the toe area in fact i can move my toe up and down to get a little circulation. I have Speedplay pedals and have gotten conflicting information about the platform size. Some say the small pedal size is what may contirbute to the hotspots. Others say the cleat and pedal make up the platform in which case it would be pretty large. I love the float in the pedals and would rather not get rid of them but riding is uncomfortable and not very motivating right now. Could it be I need a stiffer shoe? Any thoughts out there?
I think that you have to figure that, if you're gettingbill
Sep 12, 2001 2:30 PM
hot spots on only one foot, it's not the equipment as such. A couple of thoughts: think about whether you are mashing with one leg, not so much the other. Also, I know that when I first started installing cleats, I would try to make them absolutely symmetrical on either foot. Then, I came to realize that my feet were not, in fact, symmetrical, and now my cleats are adjusted differently. In particular, figure out whether, in a neutral pedal position, both feet have the same amount of float in either direction (for example, my left heel naturally is more splayed out than my right heel, so I have to account for the difference and angle the cleats differently). Also, your feet are undoubtedly of slightly different length, so that you may need to move the cleat fore or aft on one or the other to account.