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bikes and bombs(2 posts)

bikes and bombsDjudd
Sep 11, 2001 4:34 PM
I work in the newsroom of the Washington Post (where I am now), needless to say we are incredibly busy. I hope that the posters on this site I know live in this area are okay (I can think of two straight off Tri-state Cycler and Humma Hah) Indeed may we all get through this thing and be able to ride our bikes in peace. Back to work for me

Brothers and Sisters Please Ride in Peace
re: bikes and bombsMe Dot Org
Sep 11, 2001 10:01 PM
I started watching TV at 8am (Pacific Time). I took some time today to babysit my friend's kids (San Francisco Schools were let out) and watched news in spurts.

There is no rational closure possible on this. I was thinking if Pearl Harbor is a day that lives in infamy, what is today?

I thought about riding today, but the Golden Gate Bridge was closed to foot and bike traffic.

Give blood if you can, and thoughts and prayers for those lost and who lost loved ones in this tragedy.