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b'ham dbl metric report [or] my sat ride w/ 12x23 (longish)(12 posts)

b'ham dbl metric report [or] my sat ride w/ 12x23 (longish)Spiritual Haiku
Sep 10, 2001 7:23 AM
hot on the heels of humma's report on his cruiser 150 (now i feel like a wuss!), a tale of two board members on a weary quest for 125 miles through the backroads (are there anything but backroads in that state?) of sunny, crime-free alabama. proceed at your own peril.

total time: jeffreyh-8:20...12x23-less than 8:20

ride time: jeffreyh-7:45...12x23-less than 7:45

average speed: jeffreyh-'round 16 mph...12x23-more than 16 mph

distance: 125.something miles

elevation: approximately 4400 feet gain

locale: birmingham, AL to & from ashville, AL + rural loop

weather: 85-95 degrees, the rain we expected was no-show

* cateye mity3--ordered one 2 months ago, worked great, this (second) one had a mind of its own).
* left cleat stuck in pedal (look 296) for the last 15 miles

left elvisville 4:20ish friday afternoon, 1 hour required to pass through the city, 3 hours to b'ham, 1 hour to the southern suburbs, 1 taco bell stop at the halfway point, 1 beer store stop 5 minutes from final destination for 6 bottles of shiner bock.

friday night preparation included:

* remove nashbar clip-on aero bars
* affix profile century aero-bars with spring-loaded armrests
* drink 3 shiners
* remove cateye enduro 2 brain on velo1 cradle
* affix cateye mity3, but completely forget to test it
* eat 6 cheese and peanut butter crackers
* drink 3 shiners
* drool and stare at bike, fall asleep on floor
* wake, drink a strawberry daiquiri-flavored malt wine cooler
* eat clif bar, layout riding gear, set 3 alarms and close eyes 12:30
* 12x23 had something like 9 michelob lights the night before! suh-weet!


awoke 6 am, shower, dress, load bike, gear, consume mass quantities (2 breakfast bars and 2 grocery-brand "Sunny D" miniature juice drinks, 24 ounces water), drive to ride start, arriving at 7:20. sign in, acquire shirt, zero SWAG, prepare bike, gear, load up and gawk. meet 12x23 in parking lot and figure it's the last time i'll see him--i'm 6'2", he's at least that, but seemingly comprised of legs & lungs. his first words: "hey, you that 5-7-5 guy?"

ride start, he's off with the pack, i'm in back "pacing myself" (yeah, right). the first 50ish miles were b'ham north to ashville, i think 1400 feet of gain in this section, can't remember what the cue sheet said. rolling hills. skipped first SAG placed at 10 miles (?), hit second one for a minute (24mi) to take on fluids, pushed to ashville. 30-40 miles fell in with group of 12-18 stronger riders averaging in the low 20s, rode their wake 'til they dispatched me on a large hill. pulled into ashville, where the route loops wide back for the 100, and several other outbound loops are marked from the town square for the 125 and 200 mile routes. to my amazement, there's 12x23. says he spent his coupons chasing a tandem or some such. i soon learned that 12x23 "without coupons" = jeffrey on a good day after 6 months of EPO. :-)

the ashville SAG was two long picnic tables stocked like a dentist's dream--oreos, moon pies, brownies, blah, blah, blah! took on a moon pie and we embarked on the 125 loop. seemingly the only ones on this loop (not so, but for all appearances), less than ten minutes into the route notice a lone rider behind us, we slow, she catches up. name withheld, she's training for an ironman in florida (we'll call her "ruby", and has never ridden longer than 60 miles). three of us more or less ride together and see NO other riders (except a couple doing the 200 mile option at the return SAG) for the rest of the day.

the insidious b'ham bicycle club threw one heckuva hill (ridge crossing, i think) a few miles into the 125 loop--such that only the 125'ers and 200'ers would have a chance to enjoy! i used my triple twice on this ride, once for that hill and once in the final 40 miles. 12x23 complained 'bout his legs, but he was strong the whole time and i could tell he was being sociable with us lesser-legged pedalers. our third was fading and latching back on every few miles.

'round 80-85, 12x23 rode off the front and out of sight, and "ruby" kept me in sight from about 400 yards back. we three regrouped at the SAG right at 100 miles--they were playing bongos as i pulled up, the water coolers were covered in honey bees, and a six-foot statue of liberty yard lamp across the street followed me with creepy eyes. we left together and i stopped a mile or so down the road with "noseums" (they bite but you can't find 'em) in my jersey, which was removed and thrashed about in the alabama midday sun. 'round 105 12x23 went up the road, not to be seen again 'til the parking lot. 'round 110 "ruby" went up the road, i kept her in sight from about 3/4 mile behind. i suffered and ate and hated life from 110 to 118, where i caught and sprinted by her (offered her a clif bar, made sure she was cool, then rode on). damn the spirit of comaraderie, i wanted to make it back first, after 12x23. slowed (didn't stop) for the SAG 10 miles from the finish to ask how much farther, since my mity3 had been good for NOTHING since the start. hammered (all relative!) from 115 to 124...following the road markings, PASSED the entrance to the ride start parking lot and circled the block, all uphill (UGH! UGH! UGH!), pulled in at 125 & change and--amazingly--felt fresh once i was off the bike and had changed clothes utilizing the towel-skirt method.

the chattanooga 3 state/3 mountain in may took me around 9 total hours to finish 102 miles, ride time estimated 7:09 at 14.3 mph average, 7700 feet of elevation gain, my first century. this one i bettered my time a bit with 7:45 for 125 miles with 4400 feet of elevation gain. i was questioning life for the last 30 miles. this was my longest ride to date. what i considered suffering--leg cramps, general body pain, headache, fatigue--changed. for the last 30, i was motivated to finish, happy i'd gone that far, but suffering in a way that didn't really include discomfort, just a general whole-being misery, my one goal to get back to the car as soon as possible so i could get off the damned bike. for the first two hours after the ride i was certain i'd skip the double metric coming up on 9/29. the next morning i was again looking forward to the double metric, and whatever longer rides the future brings.

haiku to follow sooner. pics to follow later (in a couple weeks).
Congratulations!!! Feels good to accomplish.......Len J
Sep 10, 2001 9:04 AM
a goal worked for. You should be proud.

Sep 10, 2001 9:08 AM
Switching from PBR to Shiner. Next thing we know you will fess up to a craving for Airborne Ti.
was considering a litespeed. shiner goes w/the territory. nmSpiritual Haiku
Sep 10, 2001 9:28 AM
Would a free waterbottle filled with shiner change your mind? nmMB1
Sep 10, 2001 10:19 AM
i'm a sucker for free anything. nmSpiritual Haiku
Sep 10, 2001 10:56 AM
hey, hey, hey, hey . . . . it was eight12x23
Sep 10, 2001 3:28 PM
Michelob Lights . . . people are gonna' think I drink. ;-}
Congrats, good riding!cyclopathic
Sep 10, 2001 7:07 PM
time to join local brevet series:

you'll get to ride 200km.
then you'll ride 300km.
Then 400km and if it's not bad enough you ride 600.

Then you will be soo hooked up you'll be dreaming about BMB, LEL, Gold Rush, PBP (2003 baby!).

You may think now what on hack all those PBP or BMB mean?
You will know it then.

That's the b!tching rides you have to ride and they wait for you. ;-)
re: b'ham dbl metric report [or] my sat ride w/ 12x23 (longish)Rev. Litespeed
Sep 10, 2001 8:38 PM
Congrats!! I was set to come ride the B'ham century but my buddy bought a new road bike so I went and rode with with him. I am planning on going to the Huntsville century this weekend. Are you riding it? It looks like it will be good. I do not know how much climbing it has do you?
Once again Congrats!!
re: b'ham dbl metric report [or] my sat ride w/ 12x23 (longish)Rev. Litespeed
Sep 10, 2001 8:40 PM
Did you ride over Chandler mt?
Chandler Mt was a part of the 200 mi route.12x23
Sep 11, 2001 9:18 AM
I wish it were included in the 200km.
you're killing me. nmSpiritual Haiku
Sep 11, 2001 10:14 AM