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Record Malfunction(22 posts)

Record MalfunctionDog
Sep 10, 2001 5:25 AM
Near the end of a 100 miler yesterday, while (or, "whilst" for you Brits) shifting down, the carbon portion of the rear Campy Record derailleur snapped at the pivot, allowing the derailleur cage to go into the spokes, a twisted, mangled mess. Didn't hurt the spokes, but it stopped me in my tracks. Luckily, I was only 3 miles from home, and friend rode in and came back to get me.

Should this be warrantied (less than 1 year old)? Thanks.


P.S. I know this was Karma. We had just been talking about a friend who crashed at 30 mph when his chain snapped, and I had suggested that better maintenance might have prevented it. I should have known better.
Sep 10, 2001 6:02 AM
Doesn't Campagnolo warranty Record parts for three years?
Sep 10, 2001 6:09 AM
If you took 5 minutes to look at Campy's website, it says that EVERY 10sp rear derailleur is WARRANTEED for 3 (three/tres/tre) years from the date of purchase. In fact, QBP, whom your LBS probably works with closer than Campagnolo itself, is an authorized service center i.e., they can accept warranty stuff and get it to you really fast.

Campy warranty info

good stuff
Thanks for making me re-read the warranty. Doesn't look thatbill
Sep 10, 2001 6:23 AM
bad at all. Good thing that the Dog has other bikes, though -- no "loaner derailers" I guess.
thanks, backupDog
Sep 10, 2001 6:46 AM
Thanks. I've sent an email to request warranty. I just wonder whether I'll get some flack about it not being adjusted correctly or something like that. ("but I was just riding along!")

Luckily, I do have a backup long cage Record derailleur I use for my 29 tooth cogset. I suppose it will work with the 11-23 as well.

somehow I figured that you wouldn't miss a beat. U da dog. nmbill
Sep 10, 2001 7:06 AM
thanks, backup ...davidl
Sep 10, 2001 12:20 PM
Maybe Chorus doesn't look so bad, eh?
Was it the heat of re-entry?bill
Sep 10, 2001 6:09 AM
Bummer. That's a weird one, huh? I believe that campy warrants for one year, and you have to go back to the retailer first. Then the retailer sends back to campy. (With the tough miles you put on, you may have trouble convincing them that it's been less than a year).
I guess this is the nightmare that all the staunch LBS supporters have been warning us about -- having to deal with the mail order guys now and that this is one of those situations dealing with the LBS in the first place has some value, although, I must say, while it has been more cumbersome to mail bad parts or ill-fitting clothing around, the few times I've had to do it the mail order guys took care of me (sdeals, colorado cyclist, performance, branford bike). I find, however, that I'm probably more willing to accept or deal myself with certain defects when faced with the prospect of mailing stuff around. My last wheelset arrived just enough out of true to require attention but not enough for me to want to say, eh, I'll send them back, and package them, and wait at the post office, and try to get someone on the phone to see what they're going to do, etc., etc.
Glad you weren't hurt, Doug. Can't see how maintenance would have helped you there.
just switch to Shimano :-)ET
Sep 10, 2001 6:25 AM
You probably knew that was coming. :-)

This doesn't sound like something maintenance would've avoided, unless perhaps the rear der wasn't sitting in there right, causing additional stress.

Freak accident or something to be sort of expected? Sometimes you have to wonder whether all this light carbon/titanium stuff they're using nowadays to save a few ounces is really worth it. I mean, it's not like we're using it just for one TdF. Funny, but not so long ago, the best thing out there was Shimano 105, weightwise negligibly different from Ultegra, and it didn't seem so bad.
Like Tyler Hamilton? ;-)MikeC
Sep 10, 2001 6:39 AM
Tyler Hamilton wrote in his VeloNews diary regarding Stage 13 of Le Tour: "For the second time, the [Dura Ace] derailleur on my climbing broke. There's nothing you can do in a situation like this except stop. It's not like having a flat where you can keep rolling."
I agree with you, ET. Too light is often too weak (and I ride Record, too...).
I meant Ultegra or even 105ET
Sep 10, 2001 7:03 AM
Of course, I only meant that after you pointed this out. :-)
Like Tyler Hamilton? - rumor waspeloton
Sep 10, 2001 9:15 AM
that Tyler's derailler was some ultra light race room job. I saw his bike a couple of years ago, and it had some pretty tricked out stuff on it.
Hey, I did the same thing with my Shimano stuff...Greg Taylor
Sep 10, 2001 6:41 AM
...with similar results. I had a chain hang up on an upshift to the big ring and it pulled the rear derailleur into the back wheel. Torched the wheel, broke the replacable hanger, and bent the derailleur like a pretzel. Mercifully, I kept it upright. It really made an impressive sound as it tore itself to pieces.
campy 3 yr warrantyColnagoFE
Sep 10, 2001 7:15 AM
you syhould be fine...BTW...that's why I like chorus...i don't trust those CF bits.
But was it the CF part that gave out or was it a metal pin? nmbill
Sep 10, 2001 8:21 AM
CF nmDog
Sep 10, 2001 8:30 AM
Good lord. That's frightening. Have you been able to figurebill
Sep 10, 2001 9:46 AM
out what was the stress that caused the break? You said that you were downshifting; I presume that you mean that you were shifting to a larger cog? Did the break look as if simple cable tension from pulling the derailer over to shift caused it to break? It seems that something must have got jammed but good; I didn't think that the part bore any real stresses. Did the shift feel any different (until it went kablooie, that is)?
Sep 10, 2001 9:53 AM
The shift hung a little, then all hell broke loose. It appears that that carbon broke around one of the pins. The cage was severely mangled, but I may never know the sequence of events, whether it snagged and then went into the spokes first, or whether the carbon piece broke and allowed the cage to go whacky.

I think I was shifting from about a 17 to a 19 cog at the time.

the derailer must have snapped first. Can't imagine how thebill
Sep 10, 2001 9:59 AM
cage could have bent that far over to get caught in the spokes, unless the pivot point broke away first. Wow.
re: Record Malfunctionflybyvine
Sep 10, 2001 8:05 PM
Had exactly the same thing happen earlier this year after 5km !!! Same CF break during an upshift. The cage was so bent out of shape that the chain broke at the Plink (whilst out of the saddle - lucky we got that 3rd child in a few months earlier).

Replaced the very next day by the LBS. No problems on the replacement with around 4000kms on it.

Although I love campag stuff c.f. shimano (which just plain wore out unable to be fixed) I have had a bad run with a teh rear der and a defective nucleon. Warrenty has been good even though I am in Singapore.
So would you get mostly Chorus next time aroundkenyee
Sep 11, 2001 9:57 AM
And just use select bits of Record?
I'm sure the Chorus derailleurs are not C.F....
got to think it's an anomalyDog
Sep 11, 2001 12:55 PM
Probably just a strange circumstance. As Record is a bit lighter, I'll likely stick with it. If it happens again, though, that may be another thing.