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Thinking of a Dean El Diente.....input(4 posts)

Thinking of a Dean El Diente.....inputKenneth
Sep 9, 2001 3:24 PM
I have looked at the isn't named...A local racer rides one...about $900 for the frame, he loves it....Wondering if anyone else has seen/ riden this frame. I noticed a few threads a few months ago, but no one really knew the frame....maybe with new viewers I can get some input...thought I would build it up over the winter.
re: Thinking of a Dean El Diente.....inputDEANguy
Sep 10, 2001 5:24 AM
Bought one in May. It replaced a Litespeed Tuscany. Not as high tech as the Litespeed. Uses straight-gauged tubing throughout. I had it built with a 1.75in downtube and 7/8in chainstays. Definately a stiffer ride than the Tuscany it replaced. For me, the El Diente is a better bike. The 58cm c-t-c sizing suits my size better, very little flex(I weigh in at 190-200lbs), and is a real nice handling bike(quicker in steering than the Litepeed-probably due to the 74 degree headtube angle). As far as quality goes-the welds are fine(not as nice as a higher end frame, but equal to the welds on my Tuscany) and the bright-brushed finish looks great. I am not too fond of the Breezer-style dropouts, but that is a personal opinion. John at Dean is great to work with and will take the time to make sure you get what you want and need. It took me almost two months to get the frame(bummer), but Dean was always responsive to my inquiries and let me know where the frame was in each step of production. For the price and quality you get, it is hard to go wrong. Ride one if you can, and I think you will be sold. Someday, I will post a review, but I wanted to get at least 6 months riding on before I posted just to be fair. Email me if you want more detail.
L/S TubingSamDC
Sep 10, 2001 8:56 AM
I think the majority, if not all, of Litespeed bikes use straight-gauged tubing. The difference with Dean is that L/S uses more unorthodox tube cross-sections (i.e. 10 sided, bi-ovalized, etc.).
L/S TubingDEANguy
Sep 12, 2001 11:04 AM
You probably will not see this, but I will respond anyway. You are currect about the current line of Litespeeds. My Tuscany was a 98 model and had double-butted and tapered tubing. Just for clarification purposes.