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winter training(8 posts)

winter trainingGall
Sep 9, 2001 2:16 PM
hello again...

as we know winter is coming. i want to get ready for the change. i am going to be lifting 2 days a weeks [2 days is all i can stand for now].

what kind of on the bike stuff should i be doing for the other 3-4 days. since i am working on strength and power with weights should i use the bike to keep up my aerobic/anerobic fitness. if i should, what kind of workouts do you all suggest?

thanks again
re: winter trainingrollo tommassi
Sep 9, 2001 4:13 PM
Sounds like you've got a good idea of what you want; winter training means many things to many people, and actual activies vary, depending upon where you live.

yours seems like a simple question at face value, but there are questions to ask before making suggestions.

What are your goals for the winter? Where do you want to be, fitness wise, come March? Do you feel that you didn't spend enough time on the bike this season, and is base mileage a goal?

Keeping aerobic fitness should be simple enough if you live in an area where you can still do 3-4hour rides without losing an extremity to the cold :0! If lifting two days a week, then two days of long endurance rides would be fine. However, the day after lifting should only be light spin days (or days off). Consider also that any activity that keeps your HR in under your deflection point is great - xc ski, long hikes, rollerblading, whatever. Running is probably to high of an exertion. Some of the trick with winter training is in mental recovery from the season, so variety is the key. Try something different.

Keeping anerobic fitness, however: do you really need to do so over the winter? the season is long enough - if you are not competing in the winter, the efficacy of intervals is dubious. Sure, one day a week is fine, but perhaps only at the end of a training cycle (of three weeks)? Some would say I'm totally wrong about this, but I feel that the off season should be just that - a time to give yourself a break, make a foundation for the spring and reconnect with goals for the next season.
re: winter trainingJon Billheimer
Sep 9, 2001 6:07 PM
RT's right about anaerobic training. Normally, after about six to eight weeks of anaerobic work the
body's ability to adapt is exhausted. Thereafter, it's a matter of maintaining fitness and recovering between
races. Further anaerobic power development then really depends on building a larger aerobic engine
the following year upon which to build an even higher fitness peak. So use the winter for R & R,
developing a large aerobic base, and skill development.
re: winter trainingrib-eye
Sep 10, 2001 3:56 AM
Once the snow falls here I don't ride outside, so I utilize an athletic/excercise club. Last winter I used spinning classes 5-7 days a week to maintain a pretty decent level of fitness. At least 2/3 of those were usually pretty intense, albeit only 1hr in duration. I started the riding season in my best shape yet. I prefer classes rather than solo activities because the group environment helps motivate me. Still, at times it was difficult to maintain my enthusiasm, I believe because it was so limited in scope.

This year I plan to diversify my weekly workout plan: 1-2 core fitness classes/week, 2 days lifting and keeping perhaps 3-4 spinning classes of varying intensity. I think this will give me a much more rounded conditioning program.
spin cycle classesbianchi boy
Sep 10, 2001 5:52 AM
I started taking spin cycle classes last winter and it really made a difference. Riding with music and a group of other riders makes it much less boring than using a trainer or rollers. Fortunately I live in NC, so there are generally lots of good days for riding year-round, providing you have minimal cold-weather gear -- leg warmers, light jacket, long-sleeve jersey and gloves.
spin cycle classes. don't forgetSpinarooni
Sep 10, 2001 12:17 PM
The hot chicks that are 90% of the class.
shhhh!bianchi boy
Sep 11, 2001 3:59 AM
That's supposed to be a secret. Now all the spin cycle classes are gonna get overrun by guys.
re: winter trainingjjay
Sep 10, 2001 6:13 AM
I do some running and go to the gym three or four times a week. Its nice to cross train in the winter and get a break from the bike. When weather permits I get out for some short rides. By late January I start increasing my bike rides and decreasing gym and running workouts. I also do a bit of backcountry ski touring on the weekends. Who could resist some great powder skiing in the Wasatch?