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Trek 5500 or Litespeed Sienna??(4 posts)

Trek 5500 or Litespeed Sienna??raceleader
Sep 9, 2001 7:36 AM
I need some advise as to the advantages/Disadvantages of these bikes. Both will run around the same price but I need help as to which one is the best overall value(ride, material, company,etc)?

My ignorance: what is a Litespeed Sienna?jtolleson
Sep 9, 2001 11:37 AM
I ride a Litespeed and I'm unfamiliar with the Sienna. Is this a new offering for 2002 or am I out-of-touch?

In any event, you are talking two distinct materials: OCLV v. Ti. That will depend a lot on personal preference and what you want from your bike. That being said, I'd take the Ti hands down. And even though folks on this board flame Litespeed as ubiquitous mass-produced yawners, I think the same can be said for even high end Trek. That's kind of a wash.

The biggie is that the Litespeed is of course sold frame only. The Trek is built out with Dura Ace and Rolf Sestrieres, I think. So, are you planning on identically equipping the Litespeed? The flexibility to build a bike out as one wants is a perk of buying a frame-only offering.

If you are a weight weenie, the Trek will undoubtedly weigh less, by probably as much as 2 lbs. I don't know if any mass produced ti bike competes with the sub-18 lbs. Trek is offering now in OCLV.

If you tell us more about you, you may get more opinions about the choice you are facing.
My ignorance: what is a Litespeed Sienna?raceleader
Sep 9, 2001 12:31 PM
Sienna is new for the 2002 models. Essentially it is a compact version of the Tuscany. I have ridden steel and 6000 aluminum. What I am looking for is an all around bike that can be used for some road races, group rides, crits because I can't afford to have several bikes to fit a particular situation. I am about 170lb and ride in Texas so it is mostly flat and fast. The bikes spec out pretty close: Trek has Vector Pro's/dura ace, Litespeed Mavic Krysium with dura ace. I have only test ridden each model the Trek is more comfortable but it is hard to tell how responsive it is. Litespeed is stiffer and you can feel the bumps but it moves. Just looking for other opinions with similar situations as me.

As I mentioned in a previous post,Billedwards
Sep 9, 2001 3:14 PM
(And I am sorry I did because of all the bickering that seems to go on here when someone innocently mentions Litespeed), I have seen the Siena at my LBS the other day.
I would lean towards the Litespeed because I think it will give you all of the same qualities of the Trek as far as comfort, responsiveness and lightness, but it will be more durable in a crash and as you stated you will race it sometimes. I crashed the other day on my steel bike while not racing (mechanical failure caused this) and if I were riding carbon, I would have badly scraped the frame causing the beginnings of potential serious problems.
The Siena looked really nice with the compact geometry and had a nice amount of shaped tubing to make it stiff where it is needed. Both are fine bicycles, but for that amount of money, I would lean towards the more indestructable of the two. Good luck with either one you choose.