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Walter Mitty seriously injured at San Rafael Classic(4 posts)

Walter Mitty seriously injured at San Rafael ClassicMe Dot Org
Sep 8, 2001 3:55 PM
Walter Mitty nearly died today.

Well maybe he didn't die. But he's on life support. He was seriously injured by watching the San Rafael Cycling Classic today.

Walter Mitty had it good. His ego was fed by passing hundreds of overweight, underbiked riders during the course of the previous year. So of course Walter, 50 years old, 10 pounds overweight, and with 7 screws holding his left knee together, imagined he might be able to compete in the 45+ masters category.


Walter got is first look at this category of racing today. These guys go faster when they're resting than Walter does when he's trying. Walter desperately tried to hold on to the rationalization that they were faster because they were riding super tricked-out titanium and carbon frames, until he saw a guy in the middle of the pack on a Bianchi Veloce, identical to the bike he had crashed a month ago. He knew in his heart of hearts he had never made his Veloce go that fast. There would be a solid year of interval training between Walter and the back of the field.

Then he saw his first professional women's race. He positioned himself on a corner where the peleton went by a few feet from his face. Wheel to wheel at 30 miles an hour, goddesses in lycra, hard to believe they shared the same DNA.

Walter's prognosis is not good. It is feared he will be buried tomorrow, when Lance Armstrong and Jan Ullrich come to town, HIS town, and he can see professionals ride on the streets he rides.

Maybe Walter will live, but only in a new category: Ex-Smoker, overweight riders over 50 with rebuilt knees (CAT 9?)
Walter Mitty is still alive and wellchar
Sep 8, 2001 4:21 PM
Psssst- just back from the races
The real Walter Mitty's lined up for the last race, a 5 lap fat tire criterium.
Where is the poketa-poketa noise?Humma Hah
Sep 8, 2001 7:51 PM
There must be a machine going pocketa-pocketa in there somewhere. And Walter must attempt to repair it with a fountain pen.

This is a very good Walter Mitty story, but please, give the important details!
Walter Mitty never dies..........Len J
Sep 10, 2001 3:33 AM
he just retreats to his own imagination..