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Hey MrCelloboy(2 posts)

Hey MrCelloboynee Spoke Wrench
Sep 7, 2001 5:53 PM
Now that you've had a chance to put a few miles on your new Calfee tandem, how's it ride? I'm most interested in how secure it feels at speed. Have you had a chance to try a downhill with a crosswind yet? What did you have before to compare it to? Is your shadeshifter paint the same as the one Santana uses?
re: Hey MrCelloboyMrCelloBoy
Sep 8, 2001 8:32 PM
The ride is awesome. We previously had a Burley Samba Softride (26" wheels) that I'd tricked out with a road-set off of a the previous Jeffrey Richman Custom tandem.
We'd test ridden two other Calfee's, a Seven, a Santana, and Co-Motion.
The Calfee's had felt higher strung than all the others due to the quicker steering geometry.
Now that we're only riding the Calfee, and it FITS us perfectly, it no longer feels "too responsive". It feels GREAT! No super fast crosswind scenes yet but Tandems have always felt way more solid than singles for obvious reasons, and I don't expect the Calfee to feel any different. We're doing the Grizzly Century next month, so we'll have a LONG, STEEP, and HAIRPIN filled descent to play around on.
The color shifting paints are all similar, but each brand has their own trade name. DuPont is Chromalusion, PPG is Harlequin colors, Etc.