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MTB Convert needs help!(3 posts)

MTB Convert needs help!tmathis
Sep 7, 2001 4:58 PM

I'm a 6'1", 225-lb hunk or arse who is seriously interested in investing in a road bike! I've been mountain biking for over 9-years and would like to take advantage of the aerobic benefits road biking offers.

My greatest concern is durability. I have a tendancy to just break things from just settling my heavy arse on the saddle, so I desire a very durable bike that would primarily be used for apx 2-4 hour training rides. I was debating on a cyclecross bike, like a Ritchy Swiss Cross, but I'm concerned the higher BB then a road bike may not be desireable for me. I'd also like to NOT feel the bike flex while powering a turn or bowing when sprinting out of the saddle.

I'd also like some recommendations for a strong wheelset and solid training tires.

If folks have recommendations on an off the shelf ride or anything in particular, I'd mucho appreciate it!


re: MTB Convert needs help!MJ
Sep 8, 2001 2:07 AM
The Gunnar Crosshairs is a great cyclocross bike - durable enough for what you sound like you're after - but it has a road bike low bottom bracket. don't know about flex but would imagine it holds together pretty well as lots of people on this board sing the Gunnar's praises - check over on the cyclocross board as well.

strong wheelset - Mavic 221's - bulletproof - not even a truing required yet for me and I'm not a 'light' rider

training tyres - my road tyres for the cyclocross are Conti Sport 1000's, commuting tyres are Conti Top Touring 2000 and offroad are Mich Sprints (which are shrapnel magnets on road - at least last week they were)

doesn't the Swiss Cross have a flexed rear stay? - that may not be as stiff as what you're after

good luck
re: MTB Convert needs help!tmathis
Sep 8, 2001 8:00 AM
Spot on! Thanks! I also like the price, much more friendlier then I'd hope for!

I'll check out the wheels also. Again, thanks for the help!