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Been Dumpster Diving Again, and now have an idea for...(4 posts)

Been Dumpster Diving Again, and now have an idea for...Greg Taylor
Sep 7, 2001 7:39 AM
...a winter/bad weather bike.

Trolling through the neighborhood on trash night, I scored an old english three-speed. The frame, unfortunately, has a crimped downtube (obviously ran head-on into something), but the most interesting part -- the Sturmey-Archer three speed hub with coaster brake (model TCW, built 1962)-- seems to be in fine shape.

I'm thinking about lacing the hub onto a new 700C rim (40 spoke) and putting together a bad-weather bike. A coaster brake means no need for pesky levers or calipers. The hub and bearings can be oiled without tearing it down. Gear-wise, the critter is direct-drive in the middle gear, a 33% underdrive in low, and a 33% overdrive in high. If I pull about 75 inches in second, I'll have a pretty decent range to play with in the other gears.

This could be fun...
3 speeds are intriguing, I always think I will build one up someMB1
Sep 7, 2001 9:37 AM
happy day. Retro-tech at its best. Do you know about the Brit that rode 200 miles a day for 500 days straight to prove their reliability back in the 30's? 73,000 miles in 1 year, 100,000 miles in 500 days. Must have used a Brooks Saddle.

If you find another one let me know. Do you know what the OLD is?
I think that its 120mm out back...Greg Taylor
Sep 7, 2001 9:55 AM
...but I haven't measured. If I can dig up an old steel frame I could get away with either 120mm or 126mm spacing.

This critter also has a really neat oil-lubed bottom bracket, with a little cup on top. Ditto the front hub.

The rear wheel, by the way, is a 40 spoke laced 4-cross to a 26 inch steel rim. Really pretty (but too rusty to use). Harris Cyclery has a 700c Sun rim that would work for about $30.00.
dumpster diving rules! now find an old road
Sep 7, 2001 12:08 PM
with horizontal dropouts. if it was built for 27" wheels, so much the better, because you can lace up some sweet 700Cs and have plenty of room for some nice fat 38mm rubber, maybe even with fenders. some nice old retro long-reach centerpull brakes should reach the 700C rims and leave room for the fatties and fenders. I have 4 fixed gear bikes all out of the trash and they bring me immense joy. In my town, every fall the city will pick up anything you can haul to the curb and as this is a major cycling town, it's amazing the cool stuff folks throw away. I cruise the streets and alleys with a BOB trailer and haul home enough stuff to keep me busy with project bikes all winter.