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OCLV for larger riders(7 posts)

OCLV for larger ridersDavidS
Sep 6, 2001 9:32 PM
Has anyone who is a "larger" rider (I am 6'3" 220 lbs) had experience with an OCLV frame? I am considering one, but I am concerned about flex, sluggishness under torque, and overall longevity given my size. Some friends have said I need an aluminum bike (ie-Trek 2300) while others say that the Trek OCLV (Trek 5200) will be great, even with my larger body size.
Any help would be great!
re: OCLV for larger ridersinsmanblue
Sep 6, 2001 10:00 PM
I just bought a 2002 Trek 5200. I am 6'1" and weight 215. I don't have any problems with flex. I am sold on carbon bikes. My last bike was a Specialized Epic carbon and the frame never gave me any problems what so ever and I had it for ten years. I wouldn't worry about longevity. The Trek 5xxx series bikes have been out for a while and are established. Go get one.
OCLV for larger ridersLI Biker
Sep 7, 2001 5:05 AM
I agree.
I have a 2000 Trek 5200 since April 2000 (about 2,500 miles) and have no problems at all. In fact, it has not needed any but minimal adjustment (once) and the wheels, Heliums, have not been trued. I am 6' 3" and 210 lbs. The wheels are from 1998 and came off my 1994 Trek 2300 (carbon fiber tubes, aluminum the rest). Previously they needed truing once in a while.
I have read that USPS riders often ride the same frame for an entire season
Go for it!
OCLV for larger ridersDavidS
Sep 7, 2001 5:56 AM
do you ever feel "wobble" in high speed descents, or flex on power climbs? I really enjoyed the ride quality of the bike during my limited test ride... The bike shop would only let me ride around the parking lot and adjoining streets, and there are no hills near the shop.
OCLV for larger ridersLI Biker
Sep 7, 2001 8:30 AM
No wobble and I have hit 40 mph. My climbing leaves lots to be desired, but again no flex, standing or not. I find it to be a solid, comfortable bike.
re: OCLV for larger ridersIan
Sep 7, 2001 8:52 AM
The 5200 is a good bike. I am 5'11" and weigh 210. Never any problems with flex. I hit 54 going downhill on that bike. I only had it for 8 months and about 2000 miles before I upgraded to a Look KG281, but I would recommend a 5200 without reservation.
how does your kg281 compare?k
Sep 7, 2001 12:20 PM