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Anyone doing "El Tour de Tucson" in November?(4 posts)

Anyone doing "El Tour de Tucson" in November?Allen az
Sep 5, 2001 7:58 PM
I'm not sure if this event is nationally known. There are 111, 75, 50, & 31 mile routes. I'm planning on making the 2 hour trip from Phoenix to do the 31 miler. Based on last year's results, it won't be hard to place in the top 3 (out of 474)...big fish in a small pond kind of thing. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has ever done this event, (I haven't). What's it like? Hotel/motel reservations? Anything else I need to know?

BTW, What type of training should I do for such a short distance? (31 miles)

El Tour is CoolSimpleGreen
Sep 6, 2001 8:35 AM
I liked El Tour better than the Solvang Century. Mass start, you get timed and the whole town's traffic is stopped for cyclists! Lots of rest stops too, and you will see lots of people cheering on the streets. Great Vibe!

For the 31, just ride. I suggest that you ride more and try the longer distances. I prefer not to worry about finishing in a top spot, and enjoy the scenery. I'll be in the 111.

Hotel...get reservations early. I hear they fill up fast.

Good luck!

It will be my first tooazdave
Sep 6, 2001 8:52 AM
I am planning on riding my first El Tour this year, and I'll be doing the 111 miler. It will be my first century as well. I rode 85 miles in a Phoenix-Casa Grande ride last year with an average speed of 20.5 mph, but lower back pain has limited me to metric centuries. I am working with a physical trainer right now in hopes that my back will be strong enough to ride the entire 111.
re: Anyone doing "El Tour de Tucson" in November?cycleguy
Sep 6, 2001 7:09 PM
I did the ride five years ago with the Lukemia Society. I live in CA and yes it is Nationally known. For support, organization, and food the best century I have ever done. Course is pretty flat and is considered a race. But you need a time from a previous ride to get into the front starting group. Lots of riders. Not sure I understand the rest of your question. Big fish, small pond. Yet wonder about training for 31 miles?