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are cannondales just gimics and good marketing(8 posts)

are cannondales just gimics and good marketingmlbd
Sep 5, 2001 6:27 PM
i'm sure this will offend someone, but i'm suspicious and i have to know what others think. it's common practice in the business world (and bike companies are businesses) to brand your something different to set yourself apart in the eye of the consumer. i've been mountain biking for years and just bought my first road bike (went steel with Lemond). i looked at c'dale road bikes (r600 & r800) but i didn't really want aluminum. the salesman assured me that the "hourglass" profile of the seat stays made it a smoothe ride. plus i was told that cannondale grinds down the welds to damp more vibration easing that problem. and we've all seen c'dale's wacky creations in the ATB world (the headshok, the lefty fork, the raven frame design, the new Scalpel which has flexing chain stays as the rear suspension, on and on....).

are these things really technological advances that improve the bicycles or just gimics and good marketing? whadya think?
Just flamebaitDUH
Sep 5, 2001 7:02 PM
a little of both, actuallyalex the engineer
Sep 6, 2001 4:43 AM
As far as grinding down welds goes, it doesn't do anything for the ride, handling, or anything else-it is just cosmetic. It is nice to see that kind of attention to detail, though. The stay shape can soften the ride a bit, but aluminum can still be a bit stiff. Cannondale has always been an innovative company, and some of their innovations fail. I'm very happy with my C'Dale touring bike, and would possibly consider a C'Dale road bike.
My biggest problem with Cannondale is the use of non-standard parts (integrated headsets, oversized BB's) and house-brand (Coda) parts on some of their models. I don't really want to be stuck having to go to a C'Dale dealer for parts which might be better from outside sources. If other companies parts don't fit, the C'Dale gets to charge whatever they want.
a little of both, actuallyB1
Sep 6, 2001 7:46 AM
The newer Cannondale(Cadd 4 and higher) do ride better than the earlier models due in some part to the shape of the stays. As far as non standard parts, not counting the headshock, you have options. You dont have to buy the Cadd 6 with the intergrated BB, you can get the Cadd 5 which is the same frame as the 6 with the exception of the intergrated BB.
If you dont like a bike or brand because of the brand of parts or because parts are intwergrated, you dont have to buy that brand or bike.
I have a Cadd 6 with Campy Record 10, I could,nt be happier.
Pretty much flame bait, but..Mike K
Sep 6, 2001 12:29 PM
I'll bite a bit. The newer CAAD4 and "up" frames do ride better.
So far as the following: "we've all seen c'dale's wacky creations in the ATB world (the headshok, the lefty fork,the headshok is one of the lightest, stiffest and most adjustable systems plus the only system with a realistic lock-out - I enjoy my Ultra Fatty SL and my Lefty a lot more than my POS, noodle Sid, the raven frame design, you may have a point there the new Scalpel which has flexing chain stays as the rear suspension - look at the people who make your bike (TREK) they flex their chain stays as well but the Scalpel has significantly more travel and weighs less than the TREK rip off of the Turner and Moots, respectively, on and on....)
They may be wacky (or not) but you are clueless...
re: are cannondales just gimics and good marketingGibby391
Sep 6, 2001 6:01 PM
I bought a Killer V a few years ago because of the head shock. Its OK but I didnt see a great difference in performance from any other. If I had to to do over I'd buy another brand.
re: are cannondales just gimics and good marketingmarkwb
Sep 7, 2001 7:08 PM
OK, I'll admit I'm a C'dale owner. 4 total, including a Raven and a CADD 4 road. At this point my C'dale's have been great. The Headshok's have been troulble free, the orginal Raven has been bullet proof, and the CADD 4 is a rocket ship. The CADD 4 is a great ride, comfy for an aluminum frame. The hourglass seatstays and other fine tuning and tweaking have made this possible. The finishing of the welds have little to do with the ride. In 5 years the ride will be even more refined. My first C'dale road bike was an extremly harsh ride, series 2.8 frame. Without companies taking chances we would still be riding on wooden rims and using coaster brakes. Sometime they hit a homerun, sometimes they foulout. I give these companies alot of respect, it cost a lot of money to develop these new technologies. Bottom line, if you like it, ride it.
re: are cannondales just gimics and good marketingmorey
Oct 2, 2001 4:35 AM
I was wary about buying a Cannondale, particularly coming from a sweet riding steel Ciocc. However, I bought a 2001 r4000 si, with a CAAD 6 frame. It has the hourglass seatstays. I must say that it is harsher and noisier than my steel bike, but not so much so that i hate it. In fact, I love it so far. It is comfortable, it is light and it is certainly fast. I agree with you that they do market, but then again, this is their business - bicycles.