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Does The EarlyBird Get The Worm?(4 posts)

Does The EarlyBird Get The Worm?JoeSlow
Sep 5, 2001 1:17 PM
Maybe I am lazy...Maybe I am waking challenged...Maybe I sleep too much...Maybe I am just a LameAss...but i dont usually dont wake up and get out for a ride till about 8am...unless I am going to ride to work.
Does everyone wake up early to ride?
If so I hafta get mah butt into gear and get out there =)
re: Does The EarlyBird Get The Worm?Allen phx
Sep 5, 2001 2:43 PM
I live in Arizona, so the only time of the day that I could ride was early in the morning...(@ 5:30am). Now that Iv'e started school, I don't have much time to ride. It's not much fun in the 110 degree heat. I can't wait for the winter!

I don't think it matters when you ride, but if you ride.

re: Does The EarlyBird Get The Worm?JoeSlow
Sep 5, 2001 3:08 PM
Yikes..110 degrees? thats way hot! But im dreading in the northeast it gets to -110 in the winter! hahaaha
I have the same problemlook271
Sep 5, 2001 5:37 PM
I have a good excuse; I work 330pm to 12 mid, so I don't get home on a Friday night untill 1215 or 1230 if I ride to work. There is a group ride that meets @ a bike shop 4 miles from my house @ 7am on Sat. Great ride. A PITA to get to, though. Most of the rides are worth it. You can always sleep late Sunday morning!(No, I don't go to church, and if you're Catholic, you can always go to mass some other time.)