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CarbonMonoxide Fumes..RoadKill Stench And MyNew Friend Jake(3 posts)

CarbonMonoxide Fumes..RoadKill Stench And MyNew Friend JakeJoeSlow
Sep 5, 2001 8:36 AM
Hey All!!
I just got back from my morning ride and it was quite interesting. I have been pretty tired from the past 5 days of riding so I figured Id do a nice recovery ride..take it easy...enjoy the fresh air. So as I am riding down route 110 (anyone from NY knows it gets pretty busy) I pretty much scrapped the idea of gettin anything close to fresh air. With all the trucks buzzing by me all i could smell was the wonderful smell of diesl fumes...not that I mind..if you huff enough of the stuff you can get a pretty good buzz! hahaha
So after making it to the L.I.E unscathed my ride took an unexpected turn...There was another cyclist on the road!! yay! I was pretty excited cause I never get to ride with anyone so I was glad to see em! His name was Jake, a very nice guy whos been cycling longer than I have been alive (and im no spring chicken)! We rode for about 20 miles chit chatting about this and that. actually it was probably more like me ranting and raving and him dealing with my insanity..which he did and I appreciate it. Thanks Jake! If your out there stay stoked dude!! After a nice comfy ride it was down to business...the climbs were coming up and I was amped! I never realized how much road kill can stink! gosh, theres lots of road kill on the side of the road...and with the trucks whizzing by me at a trillion miles an hour I thought to myself if I dont speed it up I will end up like my poor little roadkills =( I feel sorry for the little buggers but damn do they stench! So after all is said and done Im riding back home sprinting from light to light just to get some sprint training in, when some guy in a minivan decides it would be pretty fun to kill the poor guy on a bike! Ugh, i didnt think it was possible to go from 35mph to zero in about 25 feet! And for that amazing feat I thank campagnolo for their wonderful braking me crazy but i think they saved my life today! =)
so here I sit....sipping my lemonlime gatorade and thinking about my next ride!
How was everyone elses ride this morning?
Have a nice day =)
Sep 5, 2001 4:04 PM
I live on the opposite coast in California (not "Cali") and on one portion of my favorite ride I ride along the frontage road that parallels I-80 in the foothills approximately 50 miles east of Sacramento (sack of tomatoes). On several occasions I have been gassed by a cattle truck passing me on the adjacent freeway. These things are moving hazardous waste containers on wheels. They spit out fumes and ordors from the cow poop and if you inhale that stuff it can make you ill. I've got into the habit of when I start to smell the scent of that stuff I grab a gear, hold my breath and start to sprint for as long as I can until I can't hold my breath anymore. It's kind of an unorganized training method I've developed. Cow poop, grab, hold, and go... I think I might be onto to something here...Maybe I could program my computer with images of cows pooping...well, that's how my morning went.. this might be good stuff for a screen play, I have Matt Damon in mind for the cyclist and Clint Eastwood for the cattle truck driver. Matt Damon would develope into a world class cyclist using this training method, then he could become deathly ill because of toxic poisoning, and Clint could be his mentor teaching him how to hold his breath and grimace at the same time. At the end of the movie all the cattle trucks could rally around the streets of Paris with the cows wearing yellow jerseys and mooing. I actually think about stuff like this when I ride..
dont forget the green juice and poptarts!JoeSlow
Sep 5, 2001 4:16 PM
Thats a pretty good Idea! Cept i think we can do one better than matt damon...howz about Leonardo Dicaprio??! hahaha And we can add a twist to the plot by having him addicted to lemonlime gatorade and chocolate pop tarts! And when clint finds out...LOOK OUT! all hell will break loose...he gets sent to rehab and falls off the wagon and starts a torrid love affair with his bike which changes his life...kicks the gatorade and pop tarts addiction!!
wow...we may have something here!!! hahaha
I used to live in SoCal and the traffic situation is a heck of a lot better than NYC...thats for sure =)
stay stoked