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Bianchi's(2 posts)

Sep 5, 2001 6:54 AM
I have a Ti mega tube, around 96 vintage. It came to my attention that this could be a Litespeed. After investigating and talking to Litespeed we determined that this in fact was not based on the serial number on the B/B shell. So now I'm curious, do any of you guy's know if Bianchi actually made some of these on their own? Do you have any idea how I may find out? Bianchi USA although helpful couldn't ad anything. Any one know the phone number for Italy?

re: Bianchi'syapsaw
Sep 5, 2001 11:24 AM
I have a 98 year model with s-bend stays. Should have the same front triangle. Tried the website and posted questions to their so called experts. No reply. Guess we know what kind of experts they are. As for the tel no., try looking for Cycles Europe(?). They are the parent company of Bianchi and owner of Peugeot. You can start your search there. As for my curiosity, I think I've already exhausted myself on that. My frame came from the Bianchi factory in Italy and was ordered early or mid 98. Guess they wanted to dispose of their old stock. You can try leaving a message for Jeff B too since he is the guy that pointed out the info in the first place. Good luck on that info hunt. Post your findings if any. Thanks!