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favorite jerseys(23 posts)

favorite jerseysbianchi boy
Sep 5, 2001 5:14 AM
Now that the mail-order stores are starting to put jerseys on sale, just wondering what other bikers like. Personally, I don't wear any pro/team jerseys because they are usually too small for me and I don't feel like being a poster boy for European companies. My main criteria for jerseys are that they must be brightly colored (so drivers will see me) and they must be large enough to fit my 185-lb physique. Here are some jerseys I've got that fit well and are reasonably priced:

1. Voler jerseys ( are a great deal for the money, even when not on sale (about $50). I particularly like the new jerseys with stylized maps of France, Italy, Ireland, USA, as well as the state flags. They also fit like American sizes -- that is, an XL jersey fits like an XL t-shirt.
2. Louis Garneau flag jerseys, now on sale at Performance for $45-50, representing Italian, French, German, Irish, etc. flags. These are brightly colored but not gaudy. Nice conservative styling if the Primal stuff is too far out for you. Run a little small, so an XXL fits like an XL American t-shirt.
3. Primal, nice jerseys if you like to wear pictures of lizards, frogs, skeletons, spiders, etc. Most of their designs are too-far out for me but I like a few of them. These jerseys are made very well and fit just like American sizes, or an XL = XL.
4. Performance house brands. Performance takes a lot of flack on this board, but their jerseys fit (me anyway) very well and are a great deal for the money. I'm not too crazy about some of their designs but like some of them a lot. Fit just like American sizes, XL=XL.
5. Giordana. Got one of these on sale at Performance for $35 and it's a great jersey. Just plain red with black stripes on the sides. Very comfortable, and I wish I had bought the yellow and black one as well. Sizes run a little small, like LGarneau, so an XXL=XL American.
re: favorite jerseysJoeSlow
Sep 5, 2001 5:21 AM
you think you have a hard time finding jerseys to wear?! Im 6`4`` 240 pounds. The only time i find a jersey to fit me is when omar the tentmaker, I mean jersey maker, is in town! hahahaha
performance jerseys are the only ones i can find that will fit my hulking pysique.
Not "Hulking Physique" but "Downhill Specific".MB1
Sep 5, 2001 5:35 AM
I shop price and only buy good stuff on sale-jerseys last a long, long time. Mediums fit me fine so I can pick and choose more than the downhill racer types. I agree for the most part about Euro Team jerseys and I am constantly amazed by all the people wearing US Postal clothing.

Although I also think team jerseys more than 10 years old or so are pretty cool in a retro sort of way.
old or different jerseysTig
Sep 5, 2001 11:10 AM
I'm with you on the older stuff. Not just for the retro appeal, but for the simplicity and the memories they conjur up. I also agree with PaulCL about the rare and different ones from distant places.

The one best reason to buy a current pro team jersey (on sale of course!) is to hold onto it and wear it years later. I don't mean the big teams, but the smaller, lesser known catigory 2's with great looking jerseys.

I like the materials and longer zippers of the new jerseys in summer.
Is Schwinn Team Wheaties old?The Great Satchmo
Sep 5, 2001 6:43 PM
I got this thing back in high school, I also got the team poster for 1989, love it.
just old enoughTig
Sep 6, 2001 7:27 AM
I can't remember who was on that team, but it's old enough to just edge into classic status IMO. That was around the time of the Crest team. They had white Cannondales with little triangles painted on the frames to look like their Crest touthpaste tubes!
Any that have a 20"+ zipper for ventilation...Cima
Sep 5, 2001 5:30 AM
I love my Pearl Izumi jerseys!! They have long zippers, great moisture wicking ability, and they are very durable. I can also support my favorite beer companies while wearing them!! I still do wear my Telekom and Z (said "zed") team jerseys as well.

In generalMel Erickson
Sep 5, 2001 5:36 AM
I like Voler and Performance clothes. Voler shorts and jerseys are good quality, last, fit well and are a good value. Same with Performance, if you get their Elite or whatever their top of the line is at the moment. I just bought two jerseys and am pleased with them. Several nice features (long zipper and small zippered pocket in back) and a great price. I've been using their shorts (regular and bib) for several years. My four year old pair of shorts is getting a little thread bear but have held up very well. I don't treat my bike clothes any different from my others, in the washer on cold and in the dryer. I only buy on sale so sometimes colors are limited in my size and I don't go for flash. My only jersey with logos is a Banesto (not jersey my son picked up for me in Spain on a trip.
re: favorite jerseysMikeC
Sep 5, 2001 6:28 AM
I love Cannondale hpx C-tech jerseys (no, I don't ride a C-dale). They are high quality, classy, and subtle, with no big logos. They fit me perfectly, but I have one of those skinny Euro-bodies.

Moisture-wicking C-tech; 5.3 oz/ 150 g treated polyester.
Elastic waist and cuffs.
18/45.7 cm set-in, YYK zipper.
Three bar-tacked, elastic-closure rear pockets.

I just picked up four at $25 each at an lbs end of season tent sale.
They are nice.look271
Sep 5, 2001 1:50 PM
I got one free as a jersey for an MS150 bike ride. Nice jersey. Too bad it's "Home Depot" orange. Not even bright enough to be well-seen and obnoxious enough not to be nice. Oh well, makes a good commuting jersey.
re: favorite jerseysraboboy
Sep 5, 2001 6:51 AM
Big fan of my Pearl Izumi & C-dale jerseys, but I also like my Mapei and (you guessed it) Rabobank jerseys. Call me a geek, whatever, my wife thinks I'm cute.
re: favorite jerseyslook271
Sep 5, 2001 1:54 PM
Yeah, I have two team jerseys. Lotto and an old AKI jersey. Got them for cheap, and they are way nicer than anything else I have. Ok, I'm a geek, and my wife likes me in mine, too. (My niece thought I looked "kewl" and she is a cutie, so it can't be all bad!)
It's gotta be differentPaulCL
Sep 5, 2001 7:13 AM
I don't like to buy jersies out of a catalogue. What I like to buy are club jersies or something that's one of a kind. Whenever I visit another city or country, I search out a LBS and ask for their local club jersy. I want to wear something no-one else has. It's amazing how many of these are made by Voler.

My favorites are: A "Laurant" Cycle shop jersy from my Paris vacation - Euro size 6 with a full zipper - but the zipper handle is on the wrong side! A "Calistoga Water" club jersy from a LBS in Calistoga California - a Voler. I only have one pro team jersey that I got for $10 from a 'grab bag' special at Nashbar.

Life's too short to wear 'cookie-cutter' jersies (or drink cheap beer, or cheap wine,....)
It's gotta be different--and no free advertizingChris Zeller
Sep 5, 2001 2:46 PM
I agree, I look for a jersey that makes a statement without advertizing for something that I don't feel connected with.

My favorite jersey bis my University of Colorado team jersey. I'm not on the team and don't wannabe, but it is my alma mater and I'm proud of that. It's also yellow--a boon for road riding. It's a Voler with a long zipper which makes a nice jersey.

I have a Perl Izumi with the Colorado flag and a mountain scene. I'm thrilled about living in Colorado and I think this is cool. Nice long zipper but tight arms. Don't roadies have arm muscles too?

I also have a long sleve jersey from Sunnyside in Lake Tahoe. This is advertizing but I've been going there since I was a kid and love the west shore of Lake Tahoe. The lake/mountain graphics are terriffic.
That's easy and you should find one toozelig
Sep 5, 2001 8:01 AM
Now that you've got that Gios, a team Brooklyn Chewing Gum jersey. Production's been handled by Giordana in the post-wool era. I used to have a wool model from the mid-70's (gone to the moths)and still have a couple SS I bought on sale at Paragon in NYC in the 80's. Just bought a LS on EBay. Poseur, well Brooklyn hasn't sponsored a team in over 20 years. Other Div. I teams to have used Gios include Kelme until a few years ago and the forgetable Tonton Tapis (now there's a jersey worth looking for) with whom Stephen Roche rode after his first stint with Carrera.

I also have a team Toshiba LS jersey which replicated the TDF award, since dropped, for the rider best placed in the overall, sprints and climbs. Sort of a combo award. It's ugly as sin but great for winter and was also bought on sale.

As for the brands you mentioned, you don't seem them much in the UK and even then, they're too expensive. Pro team stuff is readily available and really cheap when on sale. And you do see quite a bit of it in the UK and Europe on riders of all capabilities. Hey, no matter where you live, no one likes paying list.
get the wooldeke
Sep 5, 2001 8:10 AM
from vintage velo... has WC stripes on the trim though
brooklynbianchi boy
Sep 5, 2001 8:14 AM
I haven't found a Brooklyn jersey for less than $65, but I might get one if I can find one on sale and the right size. I've been looking for an older Kelme jersey with the Gios logo, but haven't located one yet. They quit sponsoring Kelme after the 1999 season, I think, so it's hard finding jerseys that old unless used.
pony upbn
Sep 5, 2001 8:39 AM
65 isn't a bad price for a current jersey- msrp is 70. this thing has been around forever and they continue to sell it year after year, SS and LS. Kelme can be had here:
You even see old classic gios wool jerseys- with the badge and tricolore stripe running diagonally- every now and then.
Re: Kelmezelig
Sep 5, 2001 9:28 AM
Let me know your chest measurement. I'm always rummaging in the discontinued/sale/last year's and more rack/boxes. You'd be surprised what's still around in the UK stores.
Re: Kelmebianchi boy
Sep 5, 2001 10:34 AM
Thanks, Z. I'd love to have an old Kelme/Gios jersey. My chest measurement is around 44-46 inches. I wear size XXL (or 6 European) in Louis Garneau or Giordana. I've got one Santini jersey that's a 3X (or 7) but it's a little big.

BTW, there's a nice mid-80s Gios for sale on eBay right now. It's a red one, which I've never seen, and still equipped with downtube shifters. Bidding had about 18 hours left the last time I looked and the price was about $200.
Ones I earnmoneyman
Sep 5, 2001 8:43 AM
Triple Bypass 2001 (Voler)
Ride for the Roses / Peloton Project 2001 (Giordanna)
Ride for the Roses / Peloton Project 2000 (Giordanna)
Team Sestriere / Peloton Project 2000 (Castelli)

They bring the most saisfaction when I wear them.

I have an assortment of others, but PIs and Voler are my favorite (5'11", 190 lbs)

Re: Ones I earnElefantino
Sep 5, 2001 8:36 PM
The paramedics had to cut off my Peleton Project '01 jersey when I crashed and broke my neck in July. But my employees contacted Bianca and Elli and they sent me another one to wear as soon as I'm allowed back on the bike.
That's one I'll feel REALLY good wearing!
Sep 6, 2001 7:37 AM
Is VERY cool! Bianca and Elli are the best.

Get well soon!

Matt Potter