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1st Century & Possible Showers(13 posts)

1st Century & Possible Showersjagiger
Sep 4, 2001 7:05 PM
For the most part, I would expect the showers to be in the afternoon. I'm hoping to get off early & to avoid the mess. But what should I do to be prepared?

I'm pretty sure that I'll be bailing if it rains thruout. I once ran a marathon with a continual head wind, so I'll pass on the Century if need be.
re: 1st Century & Possible ShowersLone Gunman
Sep 4, 2001 7:31 PM
Get the $10 clear plastic rain jacket,, stay off the painted lines, taillight, and stay upright and slow through the turns.
A little rain shouldn't hurt this time of year.shmoo
Sep 4, 2001 8:58 PM
Been-there-done-that. Don't bail, really. It ain't that bad. If the rain is early, you'll see a lot of guys dressed to the nines on $3000 rigs QUITING and riding back. But that's their problem. Stick it out. You'll appreciate it later. If the rain comes late, you might as well finish anyway. It's mostly just a pain in the arse afterwards, when you have to clean up your bike. WD40 works good for cutting the water and grit out of everything - then relube. The cheapo rain jacket is a good idea - they're almost a throw-away type of garment. Only problem is that this time of year, you may find yourself poaching in it. Make sure you get the type that are vented under the arms if you can. That said, be prepared to be colder than expected on your other surfaces once you're wet, especially your feet and hands. 15-20 mph + water = wind chill factor. Wave and smile at the quitters at they ride back the other way. Good luck.
Here is a nice trick for rain jackets in the summerMB1
Sep 5, 2001 5:20 AM
CUT THE SLEEVES OFF. Just at the end of your jersey sleeves. You will be much more comfortable. And since those clear plastic cycling rain jackets can be found for $10 or less it is not a big deal to have 2, 1 with long sleeves and 1 with short sleeves.
re: 1st Century & Possible ShowersMikeC
Sep 5, 2001 5:16 AM
This sounds weird, but I find that rain can actually help me through a tough ride. You just sort of internalize yourself, shutting out all the distractions around you. Many distance athletes get into a mental state where they repeat songs, numbers, or phrases over and over (The Twelve Days of Christmas seems popular). It helps to take the focus off how far there is to go, and instead place them in a kind of steady state. And rain can help by drawing a kind of curtain around you.
OK, enough of the Zen. Make sure your brakes are adjusted properly. Allow extra time for stopping (your pads will slip on the braking surfaces). Watch out for road paint, as it's slippery when wet. Consider using a tail light. If you usually wear glasses, either consider skipping them, or figure out how you're going see through the drops. Have a plan for drying your shoes afterward.
The 12 days of Christmas??? Please! nmMB1
Sep 5, 2001 5:22 AM
oh, i'm going to hear that ALL day saturday. nmSpiritual Haiku
Sep 5, 2001 5:29 AM
What about "100 bottles of PBR on the wall"? nmMB1
Sep 5, 2001 5:36 AM
you've doomed me to fail. can't ride thinking "pbr...pbr..." nmSpiritual Haiku
Sep 5, 2001 5:39 AM
my fav phrase repeat that will make you *totally* insane...Spiritual Haiku
Sep 5, 2001 5:51 AM
We are starting a cat ranch and taking one hundred thousand cats
Each cat will have twelve kittens a year
The catskins will sell for thirty cents each
One hundred men could skin five thousand cats a day
We could be dealing a profit of over ten thousand dollars
But what should we feed the cats?
We will start a rat ranch next door with a million rats
The rats will be twelve times faster than the cats
So we can have more rats to feed each day for each cat
But what should we feed the rats?
We will feed the rats
The carcases of the cats
After they have been skinned
Now get this!
We feed the rats to the cats and the cats to the rats
And get the catskins for nothing

We feed the rats to the cats and the cats to the rats
And get the catskins for nothing
We feed the rats to the cats and the cats to the rats
And get the catskins for nothing
We feed the rats the carcases of the cats
After they have been skinned
We feed the rats to the cats and the cats to the rats
And get the catskins for nothing
Rats to the cats and the cats to the rats
And get the catskins for nothing

anybody got this obscure reference?
re: rain ridesSpiritual Haiku
Sep 5, 2001 5:36 AM
if you don't use a visor on your helmet, consider a cycling cap underneath. i wear cycling caps on 90% of my daylight rides and 100% of my rain rides. backwards, good protection for your neck from the sun. forwards, good bill under your helmet and above your glasses. buy a can of "scotch guard" ($8 i think) and spray the cap the night before. empty your seat bag and spray it, too (the outside). you might want to try this in advance, then wear the cap on a training spin just to be sure it (SG) doesn't irritate your skin. if it works out, rain will roll right off the SG'd items.

* clear or amber-colored glasses
* extra socks in a plastic baggie
* extra headwear in a plastic baggie
* bandana in a plastic baggie (to clean your glasses)

I find that vented plastic rainwear is only beneficial for me if it's raining so hard that it hurts like little needles, or if the temp is lower than 70 degrees and it's windy. that said, i'll still carry one on this weekend's b'ham century, where it's supposed to rain (50% chance).

along the lines of what others have already said, find motivation in the suffering of others. :-) when they turn tail and head back for the car 'cause it's raining, let it fuel ya.

yep, slower in corners, upright, watch the painted road surfaces, watch for puddles (can't tell how deep they go).

carry an extra tube beyond what you'd carry already.

have fun and be careful.
re: 1st Century & Possible Showersvanzutas
Sep 5, 2001 5:41 AM
I wouldn't do anything. I ride in the rain all the time. You get wet, it doesn't hurt. The worst thing to do is to stop, then try to start later. you get real cold. as long as you can see where you are going and cars can see you just take it easy and keep riding. your jersey will dry if the rain stops.
Thanks everyone!!! I'm ready to go!!! nmjagiger
Sep 5, 2001 8:04 AM