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Sella Italia Flite saddle(9 posts)

Sella Italia Flite saddlebiker
Sep 4, 2001 5:27 PM
I have one of the Flite saddles with the oval sewn-on labels on left/right of saddle rear. I been starting to notice a wear pattern on cycling shorts around the contact area with the labels. My concern as I continue to use the saddle that it will prematurely wear the shorts out.

Has anyone had problems similar to this ? Any solution ?

re: Sella Italia Flite saddleLone Gunman
Sep 4, 2001 7:34 PM
You probably know the answer, fabric on fabric= mo money, mo money spent on shorts and a new saddle
Maannn...Ya made me check my shorts.shmoo
Sep 4, 2001 10:02 PM
I've got about 1500 miles on the same saddle. Not wear spots yet. I must have a different butt. BUT, it could be a conspiracy. Have you noticed all of the saddle seams, patches, and embroidered graphics over the last 3 years? And it's the "traditional" italian companies that have been some of the worst offenders. Hmmmmm.

My vote for the worst graphic on a saddle - the "Buzz Off" embroidery on the Terry Fly.
worst saddle graphicsDog
Sep 5, 2001 5:42 AM
Have you seen the Selle Italia SLR "Snakeskin Print"? Pretty horrific.

whaddaya mean?!Jack S
Sep 5, 2001 5:47 AM
that's awesome! I want a helmet cover and shoes to match. And also some mini cowhorns for my stem... yeeeeeeehaaaaaaa!
On the right bike, I could think that was kind of cool. Not mybill
Sep 5, 2001 5:52 AM
bike, though.
the right bikeDog
Sep 5, 2001 5:57 AM
maybe an unpainted Ti bike?

Here's a jersey to go with it to make things really busy...
You need the purpleLone Gunman
Sep 5, 2001 7:41 AM
Vredestein?sp tires to go with that nightmare.
worst saddle graphicskeith m
Sep 5, 2001 12:02 PM
The worst saddle graphics came stock with my Bianchi EV2, Marco Pantani's face embroidered on my seat! YIKES! How would you like to have your face on saddles under peoples a$$es worldwide?