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Superfeet inserts - anyone use them...(10 posts)

Superfeet inserts - anyone use them...UncleMoe
Sep 4, 2001 2:00 PM
Does anyone here use the Superfeet inserts? If so, what model did you get. The website has a program to help you shoose the insert to get, but it doesn;t give any reasoning for one design over the other.

They have a comfort fit insert which is a little softer and convers the entire bottom of your foot.

The also have a firmer insert, but it only covers from your heel to just before your toes, the rest is just thin padding.

Sure, I could bring my bike shoes to the store and put an insert in to see how it feels (my toes go numb and I gear mash very little), but you never know until you peddle 50 miles how they really feel, so if you have experience or advide in this area, please share.
I've got the long, blue ones . . .DCW
Sep 4, 2001 3:31 PM
for my Sidi Genius 3's. I have a very narrow foot, so they take up width and improve arch comfort. They seem firm to me, but I probably lose some efficiency. Comfort is my goal.
YepCliff Oates
Sep 4, 2001 3:50 PM
I'm using the grey ones that were recommended by the product selector on their web site. I have been using them in a pair of Sidi G3 shoes since early spring as a replacement for the original insoles, which after a year of use had lost some of their oomph. The first 50 mile ride was kind of rough on my feet, but the insoles conformed to my foot over time and I have 2000 miles on them now. My feet are the least of my worries these days, so I guess the insoles are doing their job.
Thanks Cliff - follow-up QuestionUncleMoe
Sep 4, 2001 3:59 PM
Can you confirm and answer another question?

- The grey one's, those are the ones that are firm for the back part of the foot put sort of flimsy near the toes. Is that correct?

If so, does the front section for the toes really do anything? My problem is with my toes going numb. I suspect in part it is because my arch isn't getting enough support, but that is speculation without seeing a specialist. Is it just the heel and arch portion that conforms to shape, or does the toe section conform too?
A picture is worth a thousand words...Cliff Oates
Sep 4, 2001 4:25 PM
Just don't look at a picture of my stinky insoles at dinner time.

I'm posting a link since RBR wants to limit the image size to 600 pixels and perhaps you would like a higher resolution image than that. The image was reduced to 1200x900 from 1600x1200 and is now 95k in size. Click here: insoles.jpg.

Let's hear it for digicams and 500mb of web server space.
How do you manage...DINOSAUR
Sep 4, 2001 5:13 PM
To keep your bookcase so organized?(:
How do you manage...Cliff Oates
Sep 4, 2001 5:26 PM
You can only see a piece of it in that photo. The boxes behind the lamp mostly contain software engineering texts that are crying to be free. I hotel cubes though, so... There are books lying sideways on top of books sitting on top of the shelves. It's a mess Dino. Renting sucks, man. I need a house with a garage for bikes, and a room for bookshelves. That would put a smile on my face.
Blue ones are also . . .DCW
Sep 5, 2001 4:36 AM
very firm (hard rubber or plastic) at the heel and through the arch and flimsy at the toe. Comparing mine with Cliff's picture (sorry no picture from me), they look about the same on top, except mine still say "Superfeet" and are blue, but my bottoms have a bit more structure.
re: Superfeet inserts - anyone use them...STEELYeyed
Sep 4, 2001 5:44 PM
I use a pair of Redwing Premium insoles in my Sidi G3s', I also switched to Look 206 pedals w/red cleats positioned as far back as possible, have not had any foot pain since.
Just put Superfeets in on Sat ride.CA
Sep 5, 2001 4:15 AM
Funny you should mention this because I Just put the Superfeets from my hockey skates into my Sidi G 3's (had to break them in first). They feel very good and give my arch much more support which improved the power on my pedal stroke. I use the full length blue ones. I have been selling these for years at the ski shop for skaters and skiers.
The trim to fit version comes in two thicknesses. The green ones are thicker and work great for ski boots or anyone who needs to take up extra space (bad fit). The blue and grey ones work very well for shoes with a snug fit (like cycling shoes).
The idea in the insole is to support the heel and arch firmly (not a lot of padding) wich will put your foot in it's natural postion when weighted. Look at your foot when you step on the floor, it will get wider and longer from the weight. The footbed will greatly reduce this becuase it will support pronation and supination problems that a majority of people have. They can eliminate numbness and hotspot problems
They do feel strange at first but your foot wiil get used to it. Also, Make sure the heel cup fits fits your arch, you trim the front to fit the shoe so don't worry how much room you have.
Oh, trim a little bigger than the footbed you are replacing or you foot will not be happy if there is a gap