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New Klein Quantum Pro Q(3 posts)

New Klein Quantum Pro QNeedSpeed
Sep 4, 2001 1:51 PM
Anyone have any price/availability info about the forthcoming Klein Quantum Pro Q with the carbon seat and chainstays? I've heard
October, but I have heard nothing about the price. Considering a carbon frame (aluminum is loosening my fillings), but might check
out this new Klein b/c of less harsh aluminum ride. Anyone know anything about it?
re: New Klein Quantum Pro QDINOSAUR
Sep 4, 2001 2:43 PM
I sent an email to the Klein website a couple of weeks ago and I received a message back from Gary Klein himself. He said the QP is coming out with carbon fiber wishbone type seatstays. No idication on price but it has to be expensive, this years model is $1899.00 for the frameset (frame and fork, refered to as a "fuselage")

I added a saddle with cb rails on my QR and it helped a lot on dampening the ride.

Not bashing Klein, but the QP is priced kinda high, 4K for a stock bike. I might be tempted if there are some killer deals on this years model. I also hate to say this, but if you want a sweeter ride, check into steel, that's the direction I'm headed...
re: New Klein Quantum Pro QDoctorNurse
Sep 5, 2001 5:04 AM
Dude, $1900 for a CF/AL hybrid stock frame is waaaaaay outta line....Either check out, and see if Gary still has that sweet Viner CF/AL hybrid frame in stock (for I think $1300)in your size, or take a look at and check out their Spada CF/AL hybrid frame (about $1200). Both are superb, hand made Italian CF/Al frames, and you can get the thing built up to your specs...Look, I think that Kleins are great bikes for AL (Not that there is anything worng with AL), but I think that Gary Klein is hoping that no-one does any research on frames, because his prices are really out of control....

Just my $0.02....Peace...