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Cleat wedges(3 posts)

Cleat wedgesMel Erickson
Sep 4, 2001 1:26 PM
The post below about foot pain reminded me about my foot pain. I get an ache that mostly goes away after 10 miles on the outside of my right forefoot. I think that wedging the outside of my cleat will put more weight on the ball of my foot and relieve the pain. Yeah, I know this could screw up my knee so I'll be careful. Besides, I normally pronate so a little inward rotation won't be out of the ordinary. Does anyone know where I can get a wedge to accomplish this? I could probably just use a wood wedge but I think a metal or plastic wedge would be better. I also vaguely remember such a product being made for cycling. Anybody?
re: Cleat wedgesjtolleson
Sep 4, 2001 5:12 PM
I've got a fused left foot that supinates and hits the crankarm (it doesn't say "Ultegra" on my left crank anymore!). I had wedges placed under my cleat by a professional cycling fitter at a physical therapy/sports medicine place (NOT an LBS).

Foot and knees are precious. I wanted someone with HUGE biomechanical know-how, and someone I could talk to if it didn't seem to be working. If you are in a big town, my guess is that you can find such a place.

It cost more than an LBS fit (about $120) but seemed much more sensitive to my screwed up biomechanics. Plus they also make orthotics and provide training advice like pedal efficiency analysis. Worth it to the millionth power.
re: Cleat wedgesRasta
Sep 4, 2001 10:28 PM
Wish I lived somewhere where that level of knowledge and service were available.

In the meantime, the last time I went to the LBS for a fit check (I'd changed my saddle and shoes) the fitter noticed that one of my knees was going out of line on each stroke. They had a commercial product that wedged my (SPD) cleat and it seems to have helped. No pain in 5-800 miles.

I tried to find the name of the little wedge kit. Couldn't, but came up with this amazing bike fit web site: