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Can anyone help with this (foot pain)?(6 posts)

Can anyone help with this (foot pain)?PS
Sep 4, 2001 12:28 PM
Hi all--

My wife has been having trouble with pain in the ball of her left foot recently....she wears Carnacs clipped into Campy-clone pedals. The pain can be almost disabling, or her foot will go numb after about 20-30 miles.
We checked and re-checked her riding position, and that looks about perfect.
She also put special insoles into the Carnacs, but they did nothing.

Has anyone experienced this and figured out what it was, or can you point out a way to figure out the rpoblem, OR can you recommend a person in the NY/CT area who can figure this out?

Right now, she's having trouble doing 30-40 mile rides because of the foot pain...forget about any centuries until we figure this out.


Peter Serratore,
Fairfield CT
I thought they were SUPPOSED to hurt...Not a Doctor
Sep 4, 2001 1:00 PM
I've had the same problem, and you've done everything my doctor told me to do, but I didn't get well until I took a couple of weeks off...
If there's room in her shoe, you might try using a thickish insole and cutting a hole over the sore spot, so it doesn't touch anything (just the insole alone may INCREASE the pressure). If not, what about swapping pedals for awhile for some cheap platform pedals with toe clips, so she can wear shoes that DO have room?
They told me the two probable causes were either nerve damage (which sort of goes along with the numbness; my feet are often numb after rides) or a deep bruise that's not apparent on the surface. The nerve thing can really be hard to treat.
She might try ibuprofen or aspirin (Tylenol doesn't have the same anti-inflammatory action) on a regular schedule (not just when it hurts) for a few days, too. But if it doesn't clear up pretty quickly, I'd see a doctor.
Any possibility that they're too tight?MrCelloBoy
Sep 4, 2001 1:47 PM
The shoes that is...
I've had occasional pain that went away as soon as I loosened the shoelaces and/or straps.
That's my suspicion...jtolleson
Sep 4, 2001 3:56 PM
It may sound too simple, but it simply sounds like the shoe is too tight across the forefoot. Feet swell as you ride, so what feels ok at the beginning, can easily become painful. If the shoe doesn't accommodate a good adjustment, then unfortunately, maybe it is new shoes. I went to the Sidi megas for my widefoot problem.

One other cause of foot pain is a slightly too high saddle. People ride toe down without realizing it (some folks do this on a well adjusted saddle, too). They torque their front foot. Watch her feet, especially when climbing.

Other than that, I'm out of ideas.
I suspectcoonass
Sep 4, 2001 4:57 PM
that she is riding with a very thin sock...If so, I would have her get a pair of Smartwool (medium weight) socks. These have a 'cushion' of wool (Merino---WILL NOT itch) and makes any ride (especially long) super comfortable.
I became addicted to them last winter, then went to the medium weights and use the ultra-lights on 95º+ sock I've ever tried...
Move her cleats back.........STEELYeyed
Sep 4, 2001 6:02 PM
as far as they will go towards the heel,start out with a snug shoe and at the first sign of any pain or irritation start to loosen the straps,especially in the toe area as her feet swell, have her take off her shoes at rest stops for some relief.