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Kestrel Talon info??(4 posts)

Kestrel Talon info??DozDoz
Sep 4, 2001 12:06 PM
Anyone have experience with this bike? Supergo has them on sale for $1700, which sounds like a pretty good deal for a carbon Ultegra combo. But I am extremely skeptical about ordering a bike on-line when it's that discounted. Any info on the bike would be greatly appreciated.
re: Kestrel Talon info??robert
Sep 4, 2001 5:30 PM
Hey DozDoz-
I am with you on this one completely! This seems like a fantastic deal given that it is a Kestrel (know quality) and loaded with Ultegra components. But there is very little info out there about this bike. It is new in 2001, but even bicycling magazine does not list it in it's info about "all" the new bikes for 2001. I know it is carbon fiber, but rather than the traditional Kestrel which is molded in one piece, this frame is made in several pieces and bonded together. This process is apparently cheaper to produce, hence the cheaper price for the consumer. I know that rather than being made here in the states, these bikes are being made in Taiwan. I can't help but picture a 14 year old working 12 hours a day to put these frames together for $5 dollars a day. All kidding aside, I really don't know anything about the quality of the work that is being done over there, but I can't imagine why a highly respected company like Kestrel would allow the work to be anything less than perfect. I have searched high and low on the net for any analysis or evaluations but nobody is talking about this bike. It is killing me because the darn price is so good that I would love to snatch one up - a frigging carbon fiber bike with ultegra components for $1700 - but that kind of money doesn't grow on trees for me and I would hate to find that I had blown my wad on a bike that I am not going to like. None of the bike shops around me (Madison, WI) maintain a stock of Kestrel - two have kestrel frames (300sci) but custom build the bikes, so I have nothing there to ride to see whether I would even like the bike. If you get any more info or take a chance and buy the bike let me know what you think. I have spent a lot of time trying to rationalize this purchase since I got the email from Supergo last week.
Here you go guys!gottadoot
Sep 4, 2001 8:31 PM
Although I am not in the market for a new bike, I looked into this frame and deal at Supergo. Below is a link to a design website that really takes a look at the bike from the design perspective. It is not about the function or durability per se, but more on a architectural level.
It is a very beautiful looking frame and the deal seems sweet, but there must be a reason. My guess is that Kestrel probably put a lot into the research and development of this bike thinking it could get into the carbon fiber explosion since Trek has sold so many. They must have come up way short and need to get rid of the stock. I wouldn't surprise me if they aren't manufactured anymore.
Read the article below and remember that it is not a review of the bike, but rather a discussion about the design and "look" of the bike. I think supergo has better deals like the Cervelo Prodigy that others mentioned, but it is not carbon of course. Carbon Fiber needs to be done right and I think there is a danger in buying cheap CF frames. Not saying you can't get a good one, but the bonding process worries me a little. The price differences from the higher end Kestrels are huge. Why? They must have cut a lot of corners somewhere. Hope it helps see below.
what I know...nuke
Sep 5, 2001 12:29 PM
I don't know that much about the Falcon...but what I do know is that one of the ways they cut their cost is in the making of the frame. It's not of a lesser's just not a one piece carbon frame like their other models are. Having a one piece frame is more difficult and more expensive to make and deal with. The Falcon has its rear triangle as a separate piece. I also, have not seen any reviews on it.