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this week's board in review, as haiku, me to you (do be do)(5 posts)

this week's board in review, as haiku, me to you (do be do)Spiritual Haiku
Sep 4, 2001 11:49 AM
changes much bemoaned
challenged comfort boundaries
this vicious cycle!

hey gregg, format sucks!
that's all i read for three days
quit'chur b1tchin, dudes!

free, helpful resource
I can't believe the backlash
after the upgrade

my one complaint, though
how it was implemented
you have no test bed?

perhaps it is us
bicycling development
test it on bike geeks!

just pulling yer leg
gregg, i think it's great to have
net community

on to this week's board
allow haiku levity
I will summarize:

call Skinsuit Police!
has been major infraction
blame it on donuts

my hair removal:
stand in front, open oven
wife making cookies

AL versus steel frames...
call the newly added board
"recurring debates"

gregg, i'm so angry
the upgrade ruined my life
now i can't ride bike

reviews, reviews, oh!
can't buy four grand bike today
blame it on reviews

CC douglas ti
versus tomasini art
I like the latter

best shorts for fifty?
saving pennies for voler
i'll review next year

a bike grazed my boat!
me, boat, lake minnetonka
and shark-mounted ti

kristin's vacation
haiku d'etat says stay home
enjoy solitude

site slow! site slow! ugh!
complain about the free site!
free service here stinks!

site slow! oh, my brain...
can't wait another second
typical user.

post rears ugly head
(dread) team clothing discussion
let it fall off page!

do i wear team gear?
only if i'm in the mood
and it's not dirty

don't mean to berate
but you're flogging the dead horse
all have opinions

sex before racing?
haiku d'etat can't think of
inconvenient time :-)

colnago? buzz word-
my kingdom for colnago!
you must be loaded!

where to put my hands?
keep them to yourself, on bike
don't touch my twix bars!

will rain ever end?
if not, buy colnago "ark",
cables two by two

humma flexing verse
steel legs, vocabulary
forty pound cruiser

like century post
everyone give some advice
need more like this one

gregg came out of shell?
wonder if he's haiku fan?
bet we'll never know.

jeffreyh flattered
"most likely to create" vote
it be an honor

graduate did not
jeffreyh dropped out of school
and missed senior rites

jeffreyh degreed
G E D and techie school
and school of hard knocks :-)

best deal ultegra?
wow, thirteen sixty-plus views
board full of advice

skinny tires tha bomb?
they are, for those in the know
and dirt on the side

old school bikes have you?
had i not sold torpado,
retro-grouch i'd be!

new pegoretti!
I can barely say out loud
the name of your bike

indiana post
trashed body, bike and gear
have my sympathy!

return of ishmael
ellipses punctuated
ya gotta love him

carbon or steel? ugh!
no AL? here we go again...
that one goes unread.

sweat breaks sweet ti bike
solution: please don't get sweat
on the sweet ti bike!

spinchick dirty girl
didn't read this post, either
obvious reasons

can't make myself read
left to imagination
"llama" follow-ups

raced a scooter
lost without water, and bonked
but, were you drafting?

first double advice?
don't leave at four in morning
that way i can draft!

what distance for me?
whatever your head tells you
double that number.

what distance for me?
if you think you can do it,
then...use the force, luke!

amortizing his tandem
keep up the good work!

bill and broken chain
have you lost LBS faith?
can't carry chain tool?

bill, i feel the same
stuck between rock and bike shop
dude, ya gotta ride!

trollman, you're my hero!
even if played by theo
it was getting old

the third-person speak
was it learned skill, trollman? or
troll a priori?

can't say i believe
T.D. the only trollman
troll among many
Even the Llamas give this 2 thumbs up! LOL nmMB1
Sep 4, 2001 11:56 AM
As usual, nice workMike
Sep 4, 2001 12:01 PM
Was it just my imagination, or did I sense a theme running through your work? Maybe if Gregg can get this POS web site running properly, we can get more Haiku. ;-)
Go ahead, read the dirty thread...Spinchick
Sep 4, 2001 1:44 PM
it's really not that bad.
you've DASHED my hopes and now haiku d'etat=heartbroken. nmSpiritual Haiku
Sep 4, 2001 1:52 PM