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Michelin Sprints and bad luck(7 posts)

Michelin Sprints and bad luckMJ
Sep 4, 2001 1:45 AM
I posted this on the cyclocross board as well

I'm having problems with the Michelin Sprints.

They puncture all the time - and I'm getting fed up. It's like they are shrapnel magnets or something.
This morning I got three slow flats on the morning commute - and it's only 8 miles! In addition my long
suffering hand pump exploded - literally - the metal air valve inside the plastic casing sheared off and
blew off the the plastic valve adapter. Put a new tube in, pumped it up with the help of a friendly, well
equipped fellow commuter, and punctured inside a mile - ARRGGH!!!.

Having said that - it has only been the rear wheel. I replaced the rim tape as it looked like a drunk
monkey had put it down inside the rim.

Having said that when I run my road tyres (Conti Sport 1000's) I've not had a single problem - even at
120 psi.

The wheel is a Mavic 221 if that makes any difference to your calculations.

Oh and BTW - I have repeatedly checked the rim and the tyre for any lingering debris. Even the guy in
the shop (EVANS on the Cut - across from Waterloo if anyone is looking for a plug) this morning
checked both (for my sanity) and found nothing. Though I punctured again (for the third time) about
100 yards away from the office - mile and a half from Evans.

I blame Humma Hah and all his talk about flats last week!

comments suggestions and flames welcome
Michelin Hi-Lite Prestige (?)DINOSAUR
Sep 4, 2001 8:47 AM
Hope I have better luck with the Michelin Hi-Lite Prestige. I purchased them on sale, not installed yet.
Michelin Hi-Lite Prestige (?)MJ
Sep 4, 2001 9:20 AM
I hope you fare better as well

my buddy Muncher pointed out that the compound on the Mich. Sprints is very soft - but that's no excuse really as they have almost no wear
Michelin Hi-Lite Prestige (?)peloton
Sep 4, 2001 10:04 AM
I've had great luck with the Hi-Lite prestiges. The ride quality is very similar to the Axial Pros, and they get good mileage too. I had only one flat on the last set I went through, and it was a pinch flat at that from a pothole. They seem to cut less than the AP's too. Great training tire. I have even raced on them. I would reccomend them for someone looking for a good, not too expensive tire. I even have another set ready for when my second set wears out.

I retired my last set after about 1500 miles when I cut one's sidewall from riding some offroad singletrack. I can't really blame the tire for that, more like operator error.
Michelin Hi-Lite Prestige (?)DINOSAUR
Sep 4, 2001 11:53 AM
Thanks,(Dave, right?)

These look like good tires from just examining them. The Performance Forte Pro Kevlar's wear ok for a cheap tire, but the tire casing just won't hold up, for me anyway...
Michelin Hi-Lite Prestige (?)peloton
Sep 4, 2001 7:48 PM
No problem (yep)- If you get the kind of wear and performance out of yours that I have gotten out of mine, then I am sure you will be happy with them. I only wish I had known about them last year, I could have saved some cash over buying Axial Pros all the time.
Michelin Hi-Lite Prestige (?)VictorChan
Sep 4, 2001 12:06 PM
Good luck. I got a pair from PerformanceBike. They roll well and fast. Unfortunately, my rear tire went busted after 3 miles (looks like a 1" cut across the center and down to the side wall). The tire wasn't even over-inflated. The tire is paper thin. I like my Michelin Bi-Sport though. About 400 miles on it and no flats and few cuts and very though. It weights about 300g.