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mechanical stopped pedaling(6 posts)

mechanical stopped pedalingishmael
Sep 3, 2001 8:14 PM
last time i went riding the cranks just stopped going around....i could get them to go backwards but then when id spin them forwards again they would stop in the same was if i was unwinding and then rewinding till they would stop moving again in the same spot once they were rewound...there is also more rattling in the back then i remember when the bike was knew (6 months ago)...i got someone to come and pick me up but by the time they got there i wasnt able to even get it to repeat the same problem so i rode planning on doing a race next weekend and no mechanics will look at it before doesnt seem to be the bb because the cranks would go forward, but then again i dont know much...and the derailer doesnt have any loose wheels...can the casette do this
Sep 3, 2001 9:13 PM
check your chain for any links in process of breaking apart. an askew side plate may get hung up in your derailleur, bringing your pedaling motion to a halt at best; trashing your rear derailleur at worst...
Almost correctGregJ
Sep 3, 2001 9:56 PM
I was thinking about the chain as well, however you are incorrect about the worst case being a trashed rear derailleur, that would be a trashed derailleur hanger or ruined dropout.
Almost correctishmael
Sep 4, 2001 7:42 AM
could it be something else such as the casette because the chain looks fine..
could be the freehub, i velo
Sep 4, 2001 8:58 AM
that happened to me on my mtb...take the back wheel out, see if the cassette turns freely. If it is rough or you can feel one spot where it sticks, theres a good chance thats what it is.
I had the an intermittent problem like this...MrCelloBoy
Sep 4, 2001 7:44 AM
on our tandem. I though it was probably dirt in the freewheel mechanism of the Hugi hub. It wen't away. It was abrupt enough to stop both of us from pedaling, but would then just go away. I'm sure that had it been a chain problem we'd have ripped the bad link right off.