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Castelli or similar arm band light(5 posts)

Castelli or similar arm band lightMike
Sep 3, 2001 8:10 PM
Co. Cyclist sells a Castelli arm band light for $35. Is there anyone out there who has this or a similar (less expensive?) light and can fill me in on how well it works? Thanks
re: Castelli or similar arm band lightLone Gunman
Sep 4, 2001 6:52 AM
I bought a Specialized Afterburner taillight. It has 4 different modes, attaches to your seat post with a strap setup which could be better designed, but mode 3 on the light is a slow back and forth flash, I think most effective of choices. $24? They have lower priced ones also. Might check the web site.
What do you want a light to do?MB1
Sep 4, 2001 7:33 AM
Arm or leg mounted lights don't light the road well and are invisible from most directions. They might be ok as a third light for commuters that is about it.

If you are just trying to get the smallest light to make you legal there are cheaper ways to do it. If you are thinking safety, forget this light.
More informationMike
Sep 4, 2001 9:38 AM
You're right about the lack of information. Now that sunrise comes later, I'll be doing the first 30-40 minutes of my ride in darkness. I've got a dual-beam headlight and strobe tail-light that I can attach to seat post or a jersey pocket. I'm just looking for a little extra security to protect me from drivers approaching from the rear and the left side. Is this a good addition to the other lights?
Try this web site
Sep 4, 2001 11:13 AM
Miss M and I commute year round-yes even in the snow, sleet and rain. I found this stuff it is really visable from afar. Miss M has a dog collar wrapped the long way around her butt pack. I use one of their sashes.

Arm and leg lights just don't do the job. They are a single source light blocked from most directions by your body. Look at other riders riding at night- after good lights on your bike reflective stuff is the best way to go-the more the better. If you don't want to mess up your bike by putting stuff on it these reflective products are a good way to go.

Stay bright out there!