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What a fabulous weekend of riding(8 posts)

What a fabulous weekend of ridingLive Steam
Sep 3, 2001 6:13 PM
This was one of the best weekends of the year for riding here in NYC - high 70s and no humidity. I got to jamb on three 50 mile morning rides that were very satisfying. I even got to meet one of our fellow board posters and his son. They came out on Sunday to ride with our club. Really nice people. I hope they enjoyed themselves as much as we enjoyed having them. Heaven would be having this weather year round to ride! Sorry MikeP. Hope the rain lets up on ya!
You ain't kidding.Spinchick
Sep 3, 2001 6:17 PM
I just spent 3 of the most glorious days of the season on my bike (central NJ). Passed 9 cyclists today on a 50 mile ride - all riding solo (as was I). Now if this would just hang on for at least another 6 weeks or so...
You ain't kidding.Live Steam
Sep 3, 2001 6:29 PM
Hey Spinchick where are you in central NJ? We do a lot of riding in NJ. Mostly around Princeton and Sommerville. We're here on Staten Island and the father and son that joined us on Sunday are from Jersey City. Our club has a season ending supported ride we sponsor called the Pumkin Patch Pedal on Oct 7th that originates out of Thompson Park in Jamesberg. It has a 25 miler up to a full century. The link is below. Come out and join us.

You ain't kidding.Spinchick
Sep 3, 2001 6:37 PM
I ride mostly out of Hightstown and Cranbury. I ride with a group ocassionally that meets at Thompson park. I think I may just join you for the Pumpkin Patch. After all, it's practically my back yard. It would be great to meet some folks from this board!
You ain't kidding.Live Steam
Sep 3, 2001 6:54 PM
Hey that's great. We usually have a good turnout for the event - 650 to 1000 riders. There is also lots of pumpkin and other pies at all of the rest stops. I'll be out soon putting down arrows for the ride. Actually, we have a metric out of Thompson Park next Sunday. We get started about 8:30. So if it's possible for you, come join us.
You ain't kidding.Spinchick
Sep 3, 2001 7:04 PM
I would love to ride next Sunday. However, I will be in western MD hopefully riding in the dirt with MB1 and others. But see you on Oct. 7. And I LOVE pumpkin pie!
I agree with you there.Thioderek
Sep 4, 2001 6:31 AM
An unbelievable weekend for riding. Kind of like the last hurrah for the summer. I was actually cold during the first 10 minutes of the ride. I warmed up quick enough though. Nailed a ride out to Riverhead Long Island and back in 8 hours 30 minutes. Mapquest gave it a 77 miles one way. I felt good at the end of it.

So long summer!!!!!
Great here in PA, too.look271
Sep 4, 2001 12:57 PM
Only got out Saturday, but it was a great ride. Went out looking for a road that I was on with a group a couple of weeks ago. Found it, but didn't make a turn on it and wound up climbing a mountain, in the shade, NO CARS,(this is not too unusual where I ride), and it just kept going up. The grade was probably around 6-7%, so it wasn't too bad.Felt great, actually. Kept going and wound up back on the road that I wanted. A nice 47 miler, and I'll be doing it again, SOON!