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best deal on aluminum ultegra road bike?(2 posts)

best deal on aluminum ultegra road bike?bruce
Sep 3, 2001 2:25 PM
I have been reading stuff including this site for 6 months trying to pick a new road bike. I have decided on Aluminum Frame with carbon fork with Ultegra group. But i can not decide which -- I found 3 good deals I think

Fuji team $1400 at
GT ZR2.0 $1100 at
Motobecane le Champion $1100 at

they all seem close
but I have a few questions
1) I heard GT was Bankprut - is that true - anyone know?
2) the Motobecane has a 2.7 lb frame - is that good? Light or heavy?
3) all three of the sites tell me the bikes weigh about 19 lbs - is that good? Is that about the same as if I spent $1700 in a store?
4) can anyone think of a good reason to pay more to a store?
or is it like - all Ultegra bikes on aluminum ride about the same?

thanks for the help
The best deal is the one that fitsvelocipedio
Sep 3, 2001 4:43 PM
Schwinn/GT is in bankruptcy court, and will likely be acquired by another company -- very possibly Huffy. The buyer will assume warranty responsibilty. In any event, I have never had to have a bike warranted, and I have never had to interact with the manufacturer after purchase.

My GF recently bought a GT ZR-3.0 [same frame/fork, with 105]. She loves the bike. Her bike [50 cm] weighs somewhat less than 19 lbs, more like 18.5.

Don't buy a bike that you haven't tried. A bike shop will probably cost a bit more [like around $1350 for the GT], but you'll get a professional fit. You can't get that online, and it can be the difference between loving a bike and hating it. Besides, most shops have a sticker policy that gets you savings on gear and accessories when you buy a bike. That can easily offset any initial savings online.

These frames are very different. I find that the GT is a bit longish in the stays and its seat tube is a little slack. This is not a crit bike, but it's comfortable enough for centuries. I find it's quite unlike other aluminum bikes in the price range.