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will the rain ever end?(6 posts)

will the rain ever end?Mike P
Sep 3, 2001 10:36 AM
It has been raining here, SE Tennessee, pretty much for the last 6 days. I road the trainer a couple of times but on Saturday I just couldn't force myself to get on that thing again. I put the old wheels on the bike and went out for what I thought would be a miserable, short ride in a light rain. Instead I was greated with hard rain and a bit of wind, which for some strange reason I enjoyed. It was just plain awful but I really got into a good mental and physical grove and ended up staying out for two hours.

Best workout I have had in a while.

I used to hike in the rain frequently and always found it refreshing, or perhaps cleansing, to get out in a good hard downpoor but I have been hesitant to do it on the bike. I have been caught in the rain on the bike before but have never set out in it on purpose. I completely enjoyed the ride. . . Try it!

Of course I did end up spending the rest of the day getting the bike cleaned up, dried and properly rust-proofed.

What a wonderful weekend!

re: will the rain ever end?MJ
Sep 3, 2001 12:37 PM
glad you had a good ride - you've joined the legion of people who ride regularly in the rain - dry weather only riders are soft and spoiled! :-)

not riding in the rain is like not getting dirty on purpose when you're a kid - strictly dorks
Send some rain this way...DINOSAUR
Sep 3, 2001 1:02 PM
To California, half of the state is burning up. I went for a ride Mon, enhaled some bad smoke and have been down since

And the fire is about seventy miles away. We have to keep our house windows shut due to the smell of smoke. Bad stuff..
Reno's at 25% of normal; the mountains are on fireRetro
Sep 3, 2001 2:12 PM
Total for the season, Oct. 1 until now, is 2.04 inches. You want to see DRY? I haven't ridden in the wet in so long I'm thinking about taking the fenders off my commuter.
Where in SE Tenn?12x23
Sep 3, 2001 3:17 PM
I'm in NE Al and it was raining hard enough I was worried about visibility (automobile pilots, not mine) so I've spent the day looking out the window. That, and glued some tires.
Where in SE Tenn?Mike P
Sep 3, 2001 5:29 PM
I'm in Chattanooga.

It was raining enough I was worried about drivers visability as well. There is an area near my house where there is very little traffic on the weekends, I road there.