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Briko Klip or Rudy Kerosene?(6 posts)

Briko Klip or Rudy Kerosene?SimpleGreen
Sep 3, 2001 9:28 AM
I'm looking for new cycling eyewear, but I need perscription inserts. Any opinions on either of these? I have a small to med face. Thanks!

re: Briko Klip or Rudy Kerosene?Lone Gunman
Sep 3, 2001 9:46 AM
Have you looked at Bolle? The Parole (I have) is for a smaller narrow face and has an insert available for prescriptions and has a large variety of interchangeable lenses. sells the 4 lense and case deal @ $89? and the insert is probable $40 more. Can be seen in Colorado Cyclist catalog. POShades might also have the insert.
re: Briko Klip or Rudy Kerosene?Tri-State Cycler
Sep 3, 2001 12:36 PM
I would favor the Kerosene's as I believe the optics are better. LG was giving excellent advice as Bolle Vigilantes/Paroles are probably the best deal going. If money is no object then you might want to look into Oakley M-Frames or Racing Jackets as both can have prescription lenses instead of inserts (which can be heavy on your face). BTW I do believe the Klip's are lighter than the Kerosene's.
re: Briko Klip or Rudy Kerosene?rudy lover
Sep 3, 2001 2:52 PM
Have been wearing the Rudy Kerosenr for 2 years. Awesome optics,killer lens guarantee. I also use Rx insert, no problems for me...and they are friggin COOOOOL
re: Briko Klip or Rudy Kerosene?DaveG
Sep 3, 2001 3:47 PM
I have used the Klips for two seasons. I have not tried the Kerosene's although I had a poor experience with a prior pair of Rudy's (I had the model where the outer lense was on a hinge; the hinge deteriated quickly with use). The Kerosene does not use the hinge system, although the "eye vent" feature seems like some harmless marketing hype to me. The Klips have been worked well and been durable. They suffer from the same cleaning woes that any dual-lens system does. The price of both is the same, I believe.
try some clonesTig
Sep 3, 2001 4:53 PM
No need to spend money on a name when it comes to sunglasses. I bought some Rudy knockoffs with 3 lenses from ProBikeKit in England

The quality is suprisingly good for a clone. UV protection and all the same features. Saving $80+ for something that I will drop or damage within a year makes life a little more simple.