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Polar XT ProTrainer HRM (Gregg - Help! Reviews are down)(7 posts)

Polar XT ProTrainer HRM (Gregg - Help! Reviews are down)Kristin
Sep 3, 2001 8:15 AM
Gregg, here is the address to the review that won't load:,+Heart+Rate+Monitor+Protrainer+XT/PRD_20192_1635crx.aspx

Anyone used one of these? I want to put a bid on one.
I like the idea that it has a built-in wireless cycloputer.
But does it work??? If it does, it seems to have what
I'm looking for (minus the altimiter :)
re: Polar XT ProTrainer HRM (Gregg - Help! Reviews are down)Ian
Sep 3, 2001 9:50 AM
I looked at this item, and came ever so close to buying one. I also liked to idea of everything being all in one unit. Then my buddy got one before I did. He put up with it for about 2 months before he went back to his old set-up. It was really hard to get the cyclometer functions to work and the heart rate is coded, so it will look for your heart rate for about 30 seconds. If it doesn't find it, usually because you aren't sweating enough, it will stop trying. You then have to reset it, which is a major pain if you are already on the bike. I would have to say to pass on this item.
Sep 3, 2001 10:09 AM
Polar's HR sensor is considered to be the benchmark by which all other sensors are evaluated. Many a times folks using non-Polar monitors have been able to fix problems with signal reception by switching to a Polar sensor. The Polar sensor is bullet-proof.

I have never had a problem with the sensor not picking up my heart beat because of lack of sweat. Before starting out, your friend should have moistened the contact points with some water, gel, saliva whatever. He wouldn't have a problem if he had done that.

I concede that the figuring out what each button does takes some time and effort. But after a month or so, it should be second nature.
Sep 4, 2001 5:02 AM
He used the Polar chest strap and Polar pick-up unit, everything that came in the Protrainer XT box. And trust me, I was there when he was spitting all over the thing trying to get it to pick up and he still had the problem. If you need all the functions that this things provides, it may be worth it. But all he was after was current heart rate with cyclometer functions and this unit just didn't provide that info in a friendly manner.
re: Polar XT ProTrainer HRM (Gregg - Help! Reviews are down)kolby
Sep 4, 2001 9:37 AM
I have mine for three weeks now. I have to agree with the reviews, their instructions are really bad. I couldn't get the cycling functions to work.
Then I figured that you have to hold the computer close to the chest strap while it looks for the heart rate signal. Then you start riding and it picks up the magnet signal. I don't use the handlebar mount and it works like a charm now.
After a while you'll get used to the weird button allocations.
I'm ready to buy the second sending unit for my mountain bike now.

The only downside is that you have to send the chest strap to Polar to get the battery changed.

Works greatvram
Sep 3, 2001 9:57 AM
Works great--I have been using one for the last one year. The wireless feature is really nice since you don't have to worry about messing with wires.

The HR monitor is a solid performer, once you figure out how to use the functions. Set-up is fairly straight-forward. The wireless computer displays ave speed, max speed, distance etc. Works fine.

I wish the Protrainer XT was able to record intervals based on HR instead of only time. Also, I wished it measured ave speed, distance for each Lap instead of just recording the HR info for each Lap.

You should be able to get a good price ($110) for one of them since the new models are out.
Was able to get to reviews todayKristin
Sep 4, 2001 7:01 AM
Thanks VRAM and Ian. This thread is indiginous of the reviews page. Most people love the product while a couple people had real problems. It sounds like poor quality control at Polar. I'm familiar with such problems as I support Palm Pilots--Palm Inc. has horrible QC. I'll still try the unit, but buy it through a dealer (not on ebay) to ensure proper warrenty. Thanks again!