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polished stems(8 posts)

polished stemsdano
Sep 3, 2001 3:54 AM
Whatever happened to polished stems? Why are almost all stems flat black now? I realize that this is not the most earth-shaking important technical question. It has nothing to with making me faster, stronger, my bike lighter. Nothing like that. However, I'm picky about how my bikes look. I'm shopping for a new threadless bar & stem combo for a new frameset I'm building up and its seems I have no choice but to get a flat black stem & bar. Why? What if I don't want flat black? Polished stems go great with polished seatposts, polished brakes, cranks, derailleuers, hubs. They all flow nicely together. So where did all the polished stems go to? Why all this flat black? I'm not into the stealth fighter look of black seatposts, black stems, black brakes, etc. I like shiny paint jobs and shiny parts. Call me shallow, but I do. I'd really like to get a Deda Magic stem & bar. But they're flat black. I want shiny bits!! What happened to the shiny bits???
yeahnee Spoke Wrench
Sep 3, 2001 4:09 AM
Good point. Does anybody know what I would have to do to polish ordinary aluminum parts to make them look like high end Campy and stay that way?
Try 3ttt MutantAlpedhuez55
Sep 3, 2001 6:09 AM
The 3TTT Mutant comes to mind. It is sleek and will match nicely with shiny compoments. I think there are a few others as well. I think ITM also makes a polished threadless stem.
Sep 3, 2001 9:25 AM
I swapped out the stock Icon Havana stem that came with my Klein for a polished al Syncros cattlehead. It gives my Klein a tad bit of originality.
Try using Semi Chrome for polish. However be careful of what you use. If you perspire a lot, stuff can drip down onto your water bottle and you end up being poisoned without knowing it. That's one reason I like using Simple Green for cleaning my bike, it's non toxic....
Hey, you can avoid radar traps...tirider
Sep 3, 2001 10:17 AM
...with flat black goodies. Kore makes a polished road stem with removable face plate that's quite stiff.
Deda Zero comes in a polished finish. I have to agree .....Live Steam
Sep 3, 2001 10:55 AM
that polished components on some frames look great. My Colnago has a cromed fork and nothing would look right except a polished stem to go with the Ti levers, chromed lugs and polished threaded headset from the Record gruppo.

I originally had a Ti Grammo stem on the bike. I gave it to a friend to put a polish on it. He owns a business that fabricates stuff from brass such as custom light fixtures. So if you have a place near by that does this sort of custon fabrication or restoritive work or if you have a grinding/polishing wheel you can get a good luster on any stem. It should be done by someone with experience. As with anything, not knowing what you are doing can result in a terrible finish.

One thing should be pointed out. Most Al with a brite finish actually is anodized with that finish. Polishing will remove this and also the protection from oxidation that it provides. You would either have to keep polishing the thing on a somewhat regular basis or have it sprayed with a clear coat to keep it from oxidizing. Hope this helps.
re: polished stemsmackgoo
Sep 3, 2001 4:00 PM
Personaly I think the Grammo is one of the most beautiful stems around. Then when you throw in how it is made, it's a work of art.
I agree the Grammo is a nice design, and .......Live Steam
Sep 3, 2001 5:33 PM
it looked better with a high polish, butit was a bummer not having a removable face plate when some servicing had to be done.