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Cannondale vs Trek or Lemond(6 posts)

Cannondale vs Trek or LemondThierry
Sep 2, 2001 9:06 AM
I have narrowed down my search for a bike to the Cannondale R1000 or R1000si, the Trek 2300 and the Lemond Zurich. I like the lightness of the aluminium frame and I would probably go with the Trek. Any advice on why one would be better than the other for instance Trek vs Cannondale?
re: Cannondale vs Trek or LemondElefantino
Sep 2, 2001 9:53 AM
I had a similar dilemma last year. I really liked the LeMond's ride over the two aluminums, particularly in my size (61-62). And then I made the monetary mistake of test riding a Trek 5200.
Extra money? Yep. Worth it? Absolutely. So I took the leap and bought one (telling wife: "It'll be the last bike I ever buy ... honest!) and am in love with it. Carbon is heaven.
Now, though, that new 5900 Superlight looks good ... (Hope wife doesn't read this!)
i love my zurichec velo
Sep 2, 2001 10:15 AM
I was really drooling over a carbon trek, but just couldn't afford it, so I went zurich and I love it. Sure carbon would be nice to have, hell I'd love yo have one, but I don't have a single complaint about the lemond. Steel gives a great ride and lemonds are extremely comfortable bikes.
re: i love my zurichElefantino
Sep 3, 2001 8:18 AM
The geometry is the same between the LeMonds and the Treks. They both have great rides. If I hadn't promised to be a nice boy for the rest of my life, thereby being "allowed" to spend the extra money for a 5200, I'd be riding a Zurich, too. Aluminum, no matter how it's tweaked, always feels to harsh for me, who doesn't race, either.
re: Cannondale vs Trek or LemondLone Gunman
Sep 2, 2001 10:26 AM
I could not justify spending $500 more(at that time) on a bike just to get CF or Ti, I got a Lemond Zurich and have no complaints. Alu never entered the picture for me. I don't race, I ride. Alu would probably be too stiff for me, at least my old alu was. Wanted the steel feel. Considering the roads I spend the majority of my time on, today I am glad it was steel w/cf fork.
re: Cannondale vs Trek or Lemondmorey
Oct 2, 2001 5:29 AM
My wife is riding a Cannondale r2000si, and I have a r4000si, I am very pleased and so is my wife.