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Sex before cycle racing(7 posts)

Sex before cycle racingGearmasher
Sep 1, 2001 12:23 PM
Is it a good idea? I can offer this insight. I have done o.k. this year but nothing spectacular. Went to a stage race and that morning of the TT my wife gave me a great hummer. I won the TT by 12 seconds. The next morning before the RR it was doggy style. Made the break and got third. Won the stage race. Coincidence or peaking at the right time? You be the judge. Any other experiences out there? I will keep on 'cranking' until she says no.
She got a sister???PaulCL
Sep 1, 2001 1:20 PM
If having sex before a race works so well, why not try it during the race?? While the other guys are getting replacement wheel for that flat, you could be getting a ------- !You could probably even blast past Lance....
Cippollini says its ok...Bruno
Sep 1, 2001 2:47 PM
or at least he has had sex the same day he has won races. I'm sure it doesn't hurt but imagine: Honey, I have spent tons of time and our money to practice a dangerous sport but in addition I need you to be available for sex at 5am every race day.
Cippollini says its ok...Cipollini has one L
Sep 1, 2001 3:09 PM
whaddaya think them "masseuses" are for???
It's true, it has one P: Cipollini. (nm)Bruno
Sep 1, 2001 3:33 PM
re: Sex before cycle racing........and after, sounds great!! NMcycleguy
Sep 2, 2001 6:50 PM
Should be asking "Cycle Racing After Sex?"cory
Sep 3, 2001 6:26 AM
But at least you got to talk about it.