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Buildup vs Prebuilt Bike Cost(6 posts)

Buildup vs Prebuilt Bike CostTour De Lance
Aug 31, 2001 2:58 PM
"Oh boy people love wasting money."

Posted by: nestorl Aug-31-01, 05:05 AM

Frame & Fork 600 cannondale caad4
Shifters STI 110 Dura ace 2000 model new ebay
Brakes C 26 105 ebay (never installed)Ebay
Bbraket 29 Ultegra
Crank set 65 Ultegra Ebay
Stem 20 Nashbar
Seat post/Seat 60 Performance closeout
Chain 20 DuraAce supergo
Rde 64 DuraAce supergo
Fde 43 Dura Ace Supergo
Wheels 200 Ultegra with pen pro peformance
Hbar 24 Closeout nashbar
TOTAL 1261


Cannondale R600/ With 105 and Tiagra 1,399
Cannondale R200 with ALL ultegra (NO dura Ace) 2,300

Even if you did not do all the bargain shopping and buy everything new you will never get all the way up to $2,300. Let's say you want all dura ace and all new....GHVBIKES: entire kit dura ace kit for 1000, frame 600
TOTALl 1600! Comparison: Cannodale R4000 price $3,000 (100% MORE!!!!)

I am still convinced. NO ONE EVER saves money by buying a production bike UNLES you are going very low end (tiagra ans sora).
Oh Boy, Nestorl :-)Tour De lance
Aug 31, 2001 3:04 PM
I'm not sure Nestorl, where you got the notion that the bike you builtup is comparable to an R2000, but here's a newflash: THEY ARE NOT!! The R2000 comes standard with a Mavic Ksyrium wheelset with Conti GP 3000 tires which I'll guarantee you from a performance and cost standpoint is worlds better and higher priced than your $200 Ultegra Pen Pro bargain combo.
Please let me know where you can buy a pair of Ksyriums with matching Conti GP 3000 tires new for $200 (which you used to price your buildup at) and then your comparison will have a hint of legitimacy, but only a hint!!

Next, you are comparing your frame (a CAAD4) with a CAAD5 frame (a frame which has noticeably more resilient seatstays, chainstays and new head tube design and superior ride quality). Can you buy a CAAD5 frame from GVH for $600?? NOPE!!

The CAAD4 frames from 2001 were used on the Cannondale R600 and R800 models so why are you comparing the price on your CAAD4 frame/fork buildup to the $2300 R2000 which uses CAAD5 frame/fork and Mavic Ksyriums/Comti GP3000 tires??

You quoted $1,399 for an R600??? Well that's pretty funny, because right now at one of my local bike shops (who do not have great prices by any stretch of the imagination) I can buy a 2001 R800 CAAD4 58cm with drivetrain components that are at not quite as good as yours (shimano 105 and cannondale expert mix) - but the wheelset, frame, seatpost, saddle, tires, stem and bars are at least as good if not better than what you described for $1,400. Sunshine Bicycles (Clemson, SC). That's without negotiating a thing!! I'll guarantee you I could talk them down to $1200-1250 if I wanted to and I'll get a prodfessional 1 hour fitting with that price!

As a matter of fact, the CycleCenter in Columbia , SC currently has a 2000 model yr R3000 with Dura Ace/Ultegra mix for a blowout price of $1950 and I bet I could talk another 100 or 200 off of that so I'm not sure where you are getting $2,300 from an an R2000 for comparison purposes especially when the wheelset, and frame of the R2000 (probably the 2 most important parts of the bike) are substantial and I do mean SUBSTANTIAL upgrades over the builtup bike you just described!!

It sounds like you chose to use full retail of the prebult bikes for your comparison purposes while using your personal bargain prices for your own frame buildup - I'd hardly call that a legitimate comparison or analysis!!

Comparing the prices of a $200 Ultgegra wheelset wiyh tires and a CAAD4 frame/fork with a CAAD5 frame/fork and Mavic Ksyriums./Conti GP3000's is nothing short of ridiculous!

Please try comparing apples with apples, not apples with oranges next time! :-)

By the way, your buildup cost analysis also fails to include the prices of having the bike built (labor charges) and shipping charges for the individual component purchases that were shipped to you, unless they shipped you everything for free???

Any bike shop that does a serious professional fitting and subsequent buildup is gonna charge you at a minimum between $100-150, and I emphasize SERIOUS over some Mickey Mouse buildup where they don't even bother fitting you in advance and making sure they get little things right like the steerer tube length before taking a hacksaw to it!! LOL. If they are only charging $30-50 they are probably doing a second rate job with likely no fitting.

Yes, there are bargains to be found out there, and you can probably get some great frame deals at GVH (he's very reputeable) but overall you are certainly not making the killing you attempted to portray by building up your own bike (yes you got a few Dura Ace and Ultegra components at good prices and a decent frame price, but you also got what sounded like a generic stem, saddle, seatpost, bar and wheelset combo. I'd gladly pay $1425 for a built 2001 R800 knowing I'm gonna be professionally fit to it, have the opportunity to take multiple test rides on it at the LB

Have a g
Oh Boy, Lance boy......Rusty Coggs
Aug 31, 2001 4:53 PM
Where do you get your info about the Caad5 having radically different seat/chainstays from the Caad4. My Caad4 has the shaped stays, and to my knowledge,the difference between the 4 and 5 is the hidden headset on the 5?
Oh Boy, Lance boy......Rusty Boy Oh boy
Aug 31, 2001 5:05 PM
Go talk to your local dealer. He'll fill you in. I'm still laughing over Nestor Boy comparison o=f his bike to a $3000 Cannondale R4000 - the next thing you'll know he'll be telling me how his $200 Ultegra wheelset is the same as the Campagnolo Proton whelset and how his stem, bars and saddle are the equals of the TTT Zepps and the Fitz Poggio. This is a funny place indeed, better than comedy central. Oh well. time to head out for the weekend, but I'll return Tuesday for some more laughs.

Have a good one Rusty Boy! :-)
Oh Boy, Nestorl :-)nestorl
Sep 3, 2001 7:33 AM
Ok, Don't get so upset. I agree. The comparison was unfair. Maybe i should compare the bike to a 2000 cannodale (CAAD 4) R600 model that use my same frame, which usually ran for about 1200 with a combination of 105 and Tiagra and the same "crapy" wheels I used. BUt Anyhow, I wont make any comparisons. You tell me what is the most appropriate comparison I should make. Is there a bike out there with mixed ultegra and duraAce group, a comparable crappy Cannondale CAAD 4 frame, carbon fork, And crappy generic TTT components (Stem, HB, etc) for $1200? Let me know if you find one, and I WILL then Gracefully AGREE that Production bikes are cheaper than "build your own bikes".

I worked as a mechanic on a LBS for years and the only reason mechanics buy production bikes is because we get that amazing discount (get everything at cost). Once we dont get the discount, we make our own.

Ok I give you some... Production bikes are a good deal IF:

1. you want a low to low-mid end bike.
2. your name ends with an MD, JD, PhD, or MBA and money is no longer an issue.
3. You don't know how to put a bike together and will have to pay a shop 100+ do to do (and this is questionable).
4. you really want to have the name "specialized" or "Trek" on your frame to impress your riding pals

For my friends... I ask them how much they were going to spend. Send them to local bike shops to check what they could get for that price, and the build something much better for the same amount. BUt hey, if you want to buy production bikes...go for it. I was just advicing someone who wanted advice about how to upgrade his bike.

Let's just ride.
GVH pricesGregJ
Aug 31, 2001 6:01 PM
GVH price for a DA 9-speed kit is 1345 for STI levers, 1195 for down tube shifters. This is right off his website.