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RBR Site Recommendations(1 post)

RBR Site Recommendationsjjouet
Aug 31, 2001 10:51 AM
I was an avid reader of RBR and am disappointed that many of the reviews for products are missing on your new site. I know because I placed several myself. I hope that this is just a function of converting the older reviews to the new format. If not, I question the reasoning for the change.
Also, I prefer the older format for displaying reviewed items as more were present per page. It's frustrating to hit "next 30."
Also, I prefer the older review format where you were able to see the entire review. The summary and "click for more" thing is not cool. It's a pain. Now you have to load many pages to view the entire review of a product rather than just loading one. I strongly suggest you reformat the new site so that it incorporates some of the old techniques. RBR was successful because it was simple, did the job, and did it well. There are tons more page loads required of the new format for the same information.