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Kudos Gregg........(4 posts)

Kudos Gregg........Len J
Aug 31, 2001 4:08 AM
for the professional way you have dealt with the fallout of this change.

I have been very impressed with how rationally and honestly you have responded to the legitimate concerns of the users.

I'm sure it hasn't been as easy as you make it look

agreed - nmMJ
Aug 31, 2001 4:43 AM
agreed - nmraboboy
Aug 31, 2001 5:26 AM
I agree as well. I am often redesigning my company's web & intranet sites and know how hard it can be. You cannot please everyone.

btw, I like the new look.
thanks for the kudos! (personal note enclosed)gregg
Aug 31, 2001 8:50 AM
Just as a personal side note, I've always felt a little closer to this community (RoadbikeREVIEW) than MTBR in many ways. Of course, being the site manager for both, I have to maintain a certain level of parity amongst the two. And also, since MTBR is the "marquis" site of the ConsumerREVIEW network, I am required to spend most of my time working on that site.

But I've always felt a deeper sense of "ownership" (if you will) with Roadbbike. I mean, I love MTBR and it is the sole reason I came to this job, but after working here for a while now; I realize that Francis has built a legacy, of sorts, with MTBR. I look forward to continuing that legacy, to be sure, but with Roadbike I feel that I have a closer rapport.

All that said, I would just like to say thanks to all of you, too. Without you guys, we wouldn't be here. And thanks for your patience if I don't answer every email.