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Dog Breath says good bye to lousy bikes. Attn. CAMPY FANS!(55 posts)

Dog Breath says good bye to lousy bikes. Attn. CAMPY FANS!Dog Breath
Aug 29, 2001 4:27 PM
Nice to see that all those generic Sloping Top Tubes, Litespeeds (Macalu), Treks, Zips, Cannondales, and so forth are gone from the photo section. Love the new site. Have to expand my paper route to pay for the classieds though. Oh well, thats life.

ps. free Classified ads for Campagnolo and Campy equiped bikes at www. - absolutely no She-maNO!
Nice bike!look271
Aug 29, 2001 4:35 PM
It would work better with Shimano, though........heh, heh.Sorry! Couldn't resist. :-) REALLY, though, nice bike.
re: Dog Breath says good bye to lousy bikes. Attn. CAMPY FANS!bikenut
Aug 29, 2001 4:38 PM
"ps. free Classified ads for Campagnolo and Campy equiped bikes at www. - absolutely no She-maNO!"
What's the matter, Campy can't handle the competition?
No, its a Campy only site. Post she-maNo at the she-man-o site.Dog Breath
Aug 29, 2001 8:29 PM
Dog, you are about asRoadie77
Aug 29, 2001 4:43 PM
annoying as one can get. I forever see you talking junk on this site and criticizing other's rides. Is that finally a picture of you bike? Bottechia'a suck I hate to tell you with your glorified and romanticized ideal of the "pure italian road racer". I am italian myself and respect and enjoy my heritage, but the litespeeds and cannondales go as fast and probably faster than your bloated weighed down italian tank. And that campy only site is for wackos. The need to justify and praise a component group and exert all that energy bashing Shimano is strange and just queer. You must not have many friends because you are a total dork/loser. With a very boring bike.
Dog, you are about asfuzzybunnies
Aug 29, 2001 4:53 PM
Someone here seems to be suffering from an insecurity problem, I'm not certain where you come up with bloated from but it is a nice looking bike. Amazing that with out knowing someone you can successfully declare them a dork or loser based on a bike pic and a component group. If anyone here is "talking junk" it would have to be you. Take a deep breath count to ten and move on. TTFN
Fuzzy, You absolutely don't knowRoadie77
Aug 29, 2001 5:08 PM
what you are talking about as Dog Breath has been criticizing other's bikes for the longest time without anything nice to say. As I prefaced in my post, I have read his comments that are usually rude and obnoxious. Now, the Campyonly site is for wierdos as all they do is come up with poems and songs about why Shimano sucks and Campy is great. What homo losers no matter what you say. I had a Bottechia years ago and it broke at the bottom bracket. They were always known for their nice paint jobs and no substance. Read some of Dog Breath's post on the photo gallery and tell me he doesn;t deserve what he gets. So mind your own business.
If you really had one you would know that it is "Bottecchia"!!Dog Breath
Aug 29, 2001 10:11 PM
Homo losers? Wierdos? Mind your own business? Gee, you make a mighty good arguement there big fella.

You had a "Bottechia" years ago? Yeah right.
That must have been when you were five years old then, given that you are probably only 18 now.

I have given nice posts to the bikes that deserved them.
I even gave a glowing review to a Litespeed with Shimano.
(The bike posted with the Dog.) I make no apologies for negative reviews on bikes posted by braggerts.
Dog Breath has been fairly opinionated over in the galleriesCliff Oates
Aug 29, 2001 5:50 PM
Which is probably why he posted the bike picture here instead of there. He's getting the flames he hoped to avoid. Unfortunately, that means we have to read them.
Dog Breath has been fairly opinionated over in the galleriesDog Breath
Aug 29, 2001 9:29 PM
I have been opinionated. But my opinions have been fair. At least that is my opinion. And I am entitled to my opinion am I not?

You do not have to read the posts, but you cannot resist.
You do not have to read the posts, but you cannot resist.zelig1
Aug 30, 2001 1:43 AM
In truth and unfortunately for some, DB's correct with this particular statement.

I for one, like others, cannot resist.

I do ride a Litespeed with Shimano (it does have a C-Record crank) and it is posted in the galleries so DB can freely give it the thumbs up, down or ignore it as the case warrants. BTW, his response to the Litespeed with the dog was a surprise but for me, also showed that DB's got a rather wicked sense of humor. Beware of the dog bait!
I agreeChrisVedral
Aug 29, 2001 5:25 PM
u shouldnt talk crap about other peoples bikes, some people cant afford much..bikes arent cheap...
I agree - some people can only afford those hideous Litespeeds!Dog Breath
Aug 29, 2001 9:37 PM
Look at this ugly POS bike! (Just my humble opinion!)
The bar tape looks like something from a Brooklyn pimpmobile! The best thing about it is that big, stong frame pump.

Aging well - my a$$ More like boring well.

Two big enthusiastic thumbs down for the POS "Classic" ridden by the forever ranting Lazy Rider.
Dog, what are you talking about?Roadie77
Aug 29, 2001 9:45 PM
I wish I had that Litespeed. You are right, it is a matter of opinion, but I assure you that most people would take that Litespeed over you junk.
Dog, you proved nothing by postingjtroadie
Aug 29, 2001 9:58 PM
this guy's Litespeed. It is an awesome bike and that picture only makes me want one more. You are an idiot.
Roadie77, you are about asDog Breath
Aug 29, 2001 8:37 PM
Hi Einstien. Did I say it was my bike?

Bottechia's suck? Gee what a review. You are entitled to your opinion though. Litespeeds and Cannondales go fast. Who-wee, thanks for pointing that out. Regardless of what speed they are going, they are ugly bikes. If you own a Litespeed you should consider trading it up for a Macalu. They are every bit as good, and much cheaper.

Two big thumbs down for you and your feeble/ineffective personal attack which does little to enhance your status or credibility.
Aug 29, 2001 11:14 PM
Geez, guy, if you're going to use Einstein's name to indicate what you percieve as another's lack of intelligence, the very least you can do is spell it correctly!
don't kid yourself you are AmericanMJ
Aug 30, 2001 2:44 AM
your ancestors may have been Italian - but you are American just like Tony Soprano & Co

do you speak Italian? - do you think 'real' Italians would consider you to be 'Italian'?

don't base opinions about bikes/posts on your misguided sense of 'heritage'
Is that bike from the 70s? That bike belongs in a museum (nm)Bruno
Aug 29, 2001 5:35 PM
Oh Dog, I have been waiting for thisLazyrider
Aug 29, 2001 5:54 PM
First let me say that Roadie is right about this guy. Dog Breath tore into my bike (Litespeed) on the photo gallery. Now Dog, are you kidding me with that bar tape? Remember how you abused mine and you now post a picture with that ugly tape on yours. Please.
That bike is totally boring and is a bloated dog. If you haven't been to the campyonly site, then you are in for a treat. These guys are one step away from the Heaven's Gate cult. They are bafoons, with anti shimano banners and songs. Very wierd like the other guy said.
That is obviously a new bike too. Dog, you must have been riding a real POS before you got this one which is an average bike. No wonder you criticize all of the real nice bikes like you do. That aluminum fork is gonna torture you and I am happy about that. With all that you criticized me, you shouldn't have posted any bike less that a C40 with all the garbage you talk. People's wheelsets are worth more. And people this guy deserves the abuse, trust me. Check out some of his abusive posts in the past
P.S. I know that without question thatLazyrider
Aug 29, 2001 6:04 PM
my Litespeed is better than that POS. No matter what you say or others think of me for saying it. He criticized my Litespeed Classic for its name. I never criticize people's bikes, and if he posted a really nice bike, I would acknowledge it as a good bike, but the Bottechia is a very average italian frame maker. Sorry but true. That thing must weigh a ton too. To prove my point about this guy, look at how he started this thread, with an insult to others. Some people were proud of their Dodge Aires K cars too, so I see how you can be proud of that tank.
Slothrider, do you read your postsMike
Aug 29, 2001 8:23 PM
before you hit the "post my message" button?

"I never criticize people's bikes . . . ."
". . . my Litespeed is better than that POS."
". . . the Bottechia is a very average italian frame maker."
"Some people were proud of their Dodge Aires K cars too, so I see how you can be proud of that tank."

Do you notice any inconsistency between the fist sentence and the rest? Don't get me wrong. I agree that the Mr. Breath's messages on the Photo Gallery regarding various bikes were obnoxious. However, has your criticism of the Bottechia made you feel better about your Litespeed or your Fondriest?
Mike, are you really thatLazyrider
Aug 29, 2001 8:59 PM
dense to not see that I am not contradicting myself. In general, I do not criticize people's bikes but this time I have made an exception because Dog is such an a$$hole. My "inconsistency" is reserved for this schmuck and I am not trying to hide that, so your big hypothesis of my contradiction is wrong. If he posted a really nice bike, I wouldn't criticize it but the Bottechia is not a great bike. This coming from a guy who criticized everything. So he can take his cheap Bottechia with his basic campy Ahtena and stick it up your A$$ Mike. His bike is average and others here are responding negatively as well because they know he is a jerkoff.
No, Slothrider, not denseMike
Aug 29, 2001 9:04 PM
However, now it appears that you have criticized a bike that did not belong to Dog Breath. I'm dense?
Are you that naive to think thatLazyrider
Aug 29, 2001 9:09 PM
that isn't Dog Breath's bike. If he is posting random photos bikes belonging to others then he really is a bigger loser than I thought. Mike I think I hate you more than Dog Breath. I am sorry, but I tried to be cordial to you in the past but you are a douchebag.
Dense? Naive? Douchebag?Mike
Aug 29, 2001 9:15 PM
Now you've got me confused. If I had to choose, I suppose I'd say I must be a douchebag because your doppleganger Slothrider also called me that. Both of you can't be wrong. Can you?
That about sums up the child we know as Lazyrider.Dog Breath
Aug 29, 2001 9:17 PM
He write his own rules cause he is from Brooklyn. If you don't like it you can shove it up your a$$.

Anthena? Give me a break!
I reckon he has never heard of C Record? World TT Champion Olano used it on his medal winning bikes. Check out the beautiful and effective crankset on the Bottecchia.

Athena is also a fine groupo.
That about sums up the child we know as Lazyrider.Lazyrider
Aug 29, 2001 9:25 PM
You and Mike should date. You sound like a perfect obseesive compulsive match made in heaven. Now go dust off you POS bike
Another Einstein.Dog Breath
Aug 29, 2001 8:49 PM
Your overpriced Ti POS got the review it deserved. Now get over it and move on.

This "bloated" bike will do everything your over-priced Macalu will do. Who are you trying to kid?

Aluminum fork? Give me a break!

The Campy only site is an excellent site for fans of the greatest components in the world - Campagnolo. Do you honestly expect them to praise your Jap Crap? Give me a break! Most, if not all of it, is tongue-in-cheek anyway. Why are you she-man-o riders so sensitive and defensive? I grew up in Brooklyn where we just would not put up with that stuff!

Thanks for the review of this bike. Did I say it was mine? It is a great bike though, and you show a distinctive lack of taste once again, but you are entitled to your opinion, as am I.

Two big thumbs down for the forever ranting, foul-mouthed, lazy rider. Another thumb down for a pathetic ill-aimed personal attack.
How do they...PdxMark
Aug 29, 2001 5:45 PM
get chrome to stick to a carbon fork??? Those Italians will do anything to make something look good... nice bike
Your bikejtroadie
Aug 29, 2001 8:00 PM
isn't nice dude. You shouldn't be so proud and cut up on other nice rides like you do if that is the best you can get. And you are an idiot because the photo gallery still exists. My grandfather has the same bike and your bar tape is very ugly too. At least you should have went with a solid color. But the tape is as obnoxious as you are
Your brain must still be parked in neutral.Dog Breath
Aug 29, 2001 8:56 PM
So you can cut up a bike and Dog Breath can't?
So what makes you so special?
If I don't like a bike I am not afraid to say so. You are going to have to learn to deal with it little fellow.
I never said it was my bike, but it is indeed a great bike. The bar tape is ugly though. Thanks for pointing out the obvious.

Your grandfather has good taste. It is too bad about your mother though. Did your grandfather tell you what a whore she was? You want to see obnoxious? Just give me a minute alone with you punk.
Oh my I think I just wet myself....tirider
Aug 29, 2001 8:03 PM
.... an old Italian bike with Campi. So this is the supposed benchmark for bicycles? After all the insults hurled at others' bikes on this board? Cobby welds and guady paint jobs don't make a classic bike. Oh my but they're Co..Co..Co..Colnagos and Bo..Bo..Bo..Bottecchias for Christ sake's. Who cares.
Oh my I think I just wet myself....Dog Breath
Aug 29, 2001 9:00 PM
Its just a picture of a nice bike. Who said it was a benchmark? Why is it that you "Ti riders" are all so challenged?

The bikes I reviewed got what they deserved. You Ti riders are just going to have to learn to take it like men, and not children!

Thanks for reviewing this great bike. You are entitled to yor opinion, so am I.
Aug 29, 2001 10:23 PM
Well, let's analyze all this shall we... first I notice you have nothing but derogatory comments about anything that doesn't meet your juvenile Campagnolo elitism. Second, I've noticed that there is a complete absence of any pictures of what you ride. And now you post a pic of a bike here (with no claims of ownership) so I'll assume it is representative of what turns your crank, so to speak. Hence the word benchmark. Now as to us Ti riders being so challanged... perhaps you could enlighten me as to what this means. My road bike of choice at the moment happens to be a Seven Axiom (feel free in your response to mention what you ride) which happens to combine all the attributes I presently am looking for. I for some strange reason do not feel the need to degrade other bikes here that don't meet my personal criteria. A picture here of a well set up and outfitted Litespeed is as enjoyable for me to view as that of a Colnago C40 whose owners' only claim may be a slightly larger bank account (perhaps a Vortex notwithstanding). I currently prefer Dura Ace for the drivetrain but have bookshelves arrayed with vintage Campagnolo equipment that at one time or the other resided on bikes that I have owned. Again for some strange reason I feel no need to prosletyze as you do just because I prefer the Campy seatpost and Profit pedals. I'll take a wild guess at your age and say that I no doubt was riding Italian bicycles with (oh my) Campagnolo well before you parents chose to procreate and have little Dog Breath.
Ramble on. nmDog Breath
Aug 29, 2001 10:34 PM
WOW, nice comeback...tirider
Aug 30, 2001 8:23 AM
....and I notice how glaringly conspicuous the absence yet again is of any mention of what classics you ride. HMMMMMM
Breaking Away!jtolleson
Aug 29, 2001 8:21 PM
Didn't I see that bike in Breaking Away (circa 1980?).

Gentlemen! Mount your Roadmasters!!!
Breaking Away!Dog Breath
Aug 29, 2001 9:02 PM
No, it was American Flyers. Regardless of age it is a nice bike with artistic merit. Those cranks are the most beautiful ever produced, in my inflated opinion.
Breaking Away!Lazyrider
Aug 29, 2001 9:18 PM
Dude, do you wack off on the campy stuff? They are italian components, not italian women! YOU ARE SUCH A LOSER WITH A PATHETIC RIDE!!!!! Like I said, with all of your criticism, you should have posted no less than a Clonago c40 because some fork and stem systems cost more than your POS.
The bike is just as fast as those costing thousands more.Dog Breath
Aug 29, 2001 9:56 PM
And it will provide an artistic, durable, responsive, and comfortable ride for a long while.

Thanks as always for your welcome opinion.
The bike is just as fast as those costing thousands more.Dog Breath
Aug 29, 2001 10:00 PM
And it will provide an artistic, durable, responsive, and comfortable ride for a long while.

Thanks as always for your welcome opinion.
Dog, we all know that isLazyrider
Aug 29, 2001 9:05 PM
your POS. You have a picture up on campyonly where you and all those wierdos hang around and rave about how great the components are. What a loser. Sorry, your fork is cromoly, my bad. You are a compete a$$hole and everyone knows it. So go ride your 26 lb pile of sh$$ into traffic. Your bike really does suck and don't try to claim it isn't yours. I really appreciate my Litespeed after seeing your retro POS. You are such a homo I can't even put it into words. There was a retarded kid on my block that rode a bike like yours. Didn't Corky ride one on that show a few years ago??
Lazyrider - digging an even deeper hole for himself.Dog Breath
Aug 29, 2001 9:52 PM
Please keep your comments coming, it says so much about you.

It is a great bike, regardless of who owns it. Sure it weighs a few hundred grams more than a Ti frame. So what. The owner probably did not build it for hill climbs.

Homo? Retarded? You are insulting everyone because you cannot live with the fact you ride a less attractive, over-priced, over-rated bike. If you rode a Macula, and were not such a raving lunatic I might be able to respect you.

Get over your insecurity and learn to live with your Litespeed. You love it after all, so why should an a$$hole's opinion count anyway?

ps - there are some great Italian bikes with Campagnolo at the Campy only site, when you are ready to upgrade!
Lazyrider - digging an even deeper hole for himself.Lazyrider
Aug 29, 2001 10:06 PM
First, you A$$hole, thanks for posting my bike picture, I enjoy seeing it. Appropriatetly enough, I changed my pump to a minipump as the only thing you liked was my old pump. I also went with the black Litespeed bar tape.
Secondly, I own a handmade italian bike now and although I like it, it is nothing like the Litespeed. Not even close. Nor were the Scapin, Ciocc I owned in the past. Next year I will buy a Vortex. Face it, times are changing and these ti bikes will outperform and outlast the old italian steel.
Third, you are an idiot and the only whole I am digging deeper into is you mother's.
Hope you enjoy your Vortex. Your Fondriest is better though. nmDog Breath
Aug 29, 2001 10:16 PM
Hope you enjoy your Vortex. Your Fondriest is better though. nmDog Breath
Aug 29, 2001 10:25 PM
Dog Breath - behind the exotic Italian bikes.Dog Breath
Aug 29, 2001 9:24 PM
Too bad the insecure, sensitive, paranoid among us can not take a little tongue-in-cheek posting.

I really enjoyed responding to all the rants. Please keep them coming.

There are two kinds of riders. Those who ride Campagnolo, and those that will one day. I just wanted to steer these folks to www.campyonly where they still accept free classified ads. The photo is from the great photo section there.

Good luck and happy riding to all, even if you ride a Shimano equipped Litespeed.
This is B.S.Dog
Aug 30, 2001 7:04 AM
I have some nice bikes, but I think the idea of gloating over any bike or components, or putting down others is pure b.s. It's immature, silly, and a waste of time, not to mention just not nice.

Any bike that gets you out there riding is a good bike. The differences among most bikes are so trivial as to be nearly meaningless. All this drivel about frame materials, country of origin, Ti this or carbon that, is pure mental masturbation.

Just be glad you can ride at all. You don't know how much that means. Appreciate the two things in cycling that you should value above all else, your health and time to ride. Move on.
Finally, some common sense. Thanks Doug(nm)Dave Hickey
Aug 30, 2001 7:23 AM
Amen brother!!!!!!!!! (nm)tirider
Aug 30, 2001 8:27 AM
Food for thought:farmerfrank
Aug 30, 2001 11:21 AM
I'm a first time post and have enjoyed the forum for the past few weeks. Last week a couple from our club attended the Campagnolo 100th birthday celebration in Davis, Calif.
put on by Davis Bike Club and Campyonly. Due to its low turnout (about 30 people), it wasn't too successful. This
may tell you that components really aren't that important.
I ride a 10year old Della Santa with campy and a Merlin with dura ace. I like them both. When I want to scoot I ride the Merlin. But the steel ride is still my favorite.
You can make them both just need a good engine.
Enjoy cycling for what its meant to be.
Aug 30, 2001 12:07 PM
Nice to hear from you. BTW, did you see the wool Della Santa jersey on the vintagevelos cite that was posted the other day in someone's message? Very nice looking. I don't own one of Roland's bikes, but I'd definitely buy the jersey if I did.
Della Santa Jerseyfarmerfrank
Aug 30, 2001 2:48 PM
Yes I did buy one from Vintage Velo. Great workmanship,rich colors but a bit pricey. It should last a long time.
Bicycling is wonderfulMe Dot Org
Aug 30, 2001 12:04 PM
I crashed my main ride about a month ago...right now I'm waiting for a custom bike to be built. In the interim I'm riding a 1983 Fuji touring bike. Weighs 30 pounds with pedals and tool bag. It creaks. The Suntour derailleur isn't exactly precise. Standing on the pedals turns the frame to mush. But...damn, it's still a bicycle, it is still the joy of riding. I still feel great when I come back from a ride.

Yes, I like Campy equipment, and yes, the Italians make some beautiful bicycles. But I can still have a glorious time on a bike made completely of non-Italian parts.

This spring I saw people sag on the Solvang Century with Italian frame bikes. Hummah Hah completed it on a single speed Schwinn.

And on the California Aids Ride this summer I saw a man with no legs use his hands to pedal from San Francisco to Los Angeles. I never asked him what kind of equipment he used. It seemed beside the point.