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Darkness(1 post)

Aug 29, 2001 3:50 PM
My trusted steed, too long you've been enveloped in darkness. My hands fumble with the hands of darkness. Oh, how I yearn for the familliar hands of the light. The touch. Oh how I yearn for the light. Soon my friend we will bask in the light. My thumbs lay idle, wasting away. Oh how I yearn for the light.
Darkness continues to stumble me. The legs of darkness feel so foriegn to me. It's the legs of light I crave, I need. Soon my trusted steed we will see the light. We will be aglow in the light.
The light is here my friend. Can you feel the warmth. Do not fear, I know all you have ever known is darkness. Embrace the light. Feel the light. Give in to the light.
As I dress you with the light, embrace it. Feel it's smooth wonderfull touch. Yes my friend we will shine with the light.
Tomorrow my trusted steed we will ride in the light. My hands wait in eager anticipation for the familliar grasp of the hand of light. My legs eager to cross with the legs of light. My thumbs await at attention ready for command.