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Gregg, your sites have gone from incredibly awesome,(14 posts)

Gregg, your sites have gone from incredibly awesome,raler
Aug 29, 2001 1:29 PM
easy and fun to use to a pain in the butt. Who are all these changes for???? I cant see these being for us! You say you took our suggestions? That doesnt make sense. Please fill us in as to WHY???
I agree with raler!Len J
Aug 29, 2001 1:38 PM
Why change from something that was working to something that obviously is less functional?

So far I have noticed:
1.)Smaller, less legible font
2.)Need to log in every time
3.)Ability for someone to post as guest under another user's normal signin name (what's that about?)
4.)Loss of all previous classified's & archive messages
5.)Inability to move from heading to body of post easily. Tab key takes you to HTML.
6.)System keeps losing messages
7.)After viewing post, if you just hit back arrow (instead of return to message board) next time you update read messages are not highlighted.

Any I missed?
I agree with raler! oooH you missed many...nestorl
Aug 29, 2001 1:47 PM
8. Most reviews are gone
9. they don't even have shifters as an option in the review page
10. The review section contains so little information from each review that you have to actually click on each review to get something out of it, making it 1000 times slower that it was before!!! so much for making it faster
11. there was absolutely no need for this

What a big scam.G.D.
Aug 29, 2001 3:16 PM
This is how you get your site to make money. You create a great site for free (kinda like Paypal) and then you attract people and eventually begin to charge for the same service that use to be free.

Who do you think is listing items on your "market place"? It is just regular people looking to trade or get good deals. Many people who buy do not have a great deal of cash and are beginners. Many of the sellers are also not looking to make a profit but are upgrading and are selling at a great deal just because they love to ride and would rather pass something on to someone else than to put it on EBAY to make a buck.

You find a lot of great deals on your "Marketplace" and meet a great deal of good people. Opening it up to merchants and now charging a whopping $3.00 per listing is nothing but a way to make the transition from a great site to one that is quickly going to go down the tubes.

Why do you think people come to your marektplace instead of the many other merchant online websites? Because your site was NOT an online Merchant website. Now you are just like everybody else.

It was nice while it lasted just a shame it is gone.

Take care!
Yeah, butMike
Aug 29, 2001 3:40 PM
Why are you entitled to a free service for listing merchandise on which you will make money? Can you run free classified ads in your local paper? I can't in mine. Getting people interested by offering a free service that later is provided on a fee-basis is nothing new and, as far as I know, nothing is unethical or dishonest about it. I haven't spent a lot of time browsing the Market Place here, but I've never had the impression that the sellers are in it for the camraderie or to provide a public service to new cyclists. If you're really in it to help new riders, why not offer them the parts for free on this forum? Others have done it. I gave away an old pair of Look pedals to someone here. I have no allegiance to the people at Consumer Review, I just don't understand people who seem to feel entitled to receive something for nothing.
Thanks Mike, you took the words out of my mouthChris
Aug 29, 2001 4:53 PM
people will realize that many things on the web will not be free forever. Just wait and see. Might as well get used to paying for alot of services that are currently free. If they would normally cost money offline, then there's a good chance they'll cost money on the web in the near future.
If you don't like it, don't use itTabes
Aug 30, 2001 5:02 AM
I really hope people don't feel "entitled" to the free services. However, I don't think the fee is the only problem with this new site.

The site is much slower and is more difficult to use--from a buyer's perspective. A lot of people will go elsewhere to search for used bikes, so posting your ads here may not be the best use of your money. Posting on Ebay would probably produce better results.

I think you might want to work at making the site a little better for the buyers and that will in turn create a bigger demand for the service and sellers will be more than happy to pay the fee. Just my thoughts. . .
Yeah, butned
Aug 30, 2001 3:11 AM
The introduction of the classified fee on top of the new format was a strategic mistake IMO. Gregg is at liberty to charge that fee but IMO he should have "weaned" his readers/customers into it rather than slide it in with this new format. How many people knew about it in advance? I didn't. IMO there's only one word I know that describes the ham-handed way in which this overhaul was done....dumb.
Change for the sake of changeBrian C.
Aug 29, 2001 2:11 PM
This reminds me of what the techies - or warewolves, as we call them - do at our workplace. They come in on a weekend and change the protocols and methodologies under the guise of "improving" the system. We grumble but eventually get used to it - until the next time the warewolves come in one weekend and tweak the system to make it "better."
Very frustrating.
To The Site AdministratorJon Billheimer
Aug 29, 2001 2:27 PM
Have you ever heard of the rule "If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It"?
Gotta agree with you on this! nmJohnG
Aug 29, 2001 7:47 PM
This is jacked up!
I don't normally make a point to slam people specifically...ashleyrenfroe
Aug 30, 2001 6:44 AM
But in response to Mike's reply a little farther down, I will make an exception. To Mike: When did it become so pervasive in American society for everything to be done for a buck? Why does every decision made by everyone involve nickel and diming the public to death? Is this the "New" economy, full of panhandlers and beggars doing anything to make a buck without having to get a "real" job?

You can call me a Socialist, Communist, or what have you, but I think some things we are entitled to not be charged for. I could make a list here- Automobile tags, internet service, cable TV, etc. But I digress. I mean, the people who are running this website and others have increased the attention they get from surfers by word-of-mouth, advertising, etc. And now that they have a large customer base, they are gonna start nickle and diming us to death.

Just like Ebay, which I have stopped using altogether, I will no longer use the classifieds in this site or for that matter. The administrators have over complicated, began charging, and are just shouting to be put out of business by their own greed. Mike, no disrepect meant, but if this is capitalism, give me a f*cking break from it please, before the poor become poorer than they already are.
I don't normally make a point to slam people specifically...yeah right
Aug 30, 2001 7:18 AM
Do most people have any idea what it costs to run a site? Hosting? Webservers? People? Investors don't provide services for you because they are nice people, but it isn't all about making a buck, more like braking even. I don't have a problem with paying for classifieds but the system is jacked, and the usability of the page just took a nose dive. To me, that is a much larger issue.
I agree its not so much the $3. If they could take it from meraler
Aug 30, 2001 7:39 AM
without it being a hassle they could take $10. This new added hassle is definitely going to scare off both buyers and sellers.

Gregg, what are the numbers doing at since the change? Has there been an increase since bike shops are now allowed to sell? GIve us some numbers. Thanks.